Catering Services

Welcome to our catering services

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay and information below sets out to tell you about the catering services that you will receive as a patient during your stay.

Your nutritional needs
A balanced diet is essential for health and this is particularly important when you are in hospital as a poor diet can delay recovery. This may take the form of poor wound healing, increased susceptibility to infection, and muscle wastage leading to reduced physical strength and mobility. Poor diet can also lead to apathy, depression and anxiety symptoms. Healthy eating is often not appropriate during acute illness and recovery. You may be referred to a dietician if you have additional needs.

Need help with eating?
If you require assistance with eating your meals then please speak to your named nurse and assistance will be provided.

Concerns about nutrition?
If you have any questions or concerns about nutrition whilst in hospital speak to your named nurse. If appropriate they will arrange for a dietician or someone from the catering department to speak to you.

The meal time service

During your hospital stay we will provide you with three meals a day. We can also provide lunch box snacks if you have missed a meal.

We operate protected mealtimes in all of our adult wards. At set times throughout the day, all non-urgent clinical activity stops to help patients eat their meals in a calm atmosphere.

Breakfast 8.00am – 9.00am

Lunch 11.30am – 1.00pm

Dinner 5.00pm – 6.00pm

We offer hot drinks and snacks throughout the day. If your meal is unsuitable, please let your nurse know so we can offer an alternative where possible.

We also have a 24-hour Snack Box service for those patients who have missed a meal because they were having treatment or tests, or have been admitted and not had an opportunity of a meal.

Breakfast is provided to you from the ward kitchen and includes porridge, a selection of breakfast cereals, toast, tea and coffee.

Lunch and evening meal
Each evening you will be given a menu for the following day’s lunch and evening meal. Please read the menu carefully and follow the instructions on how to select the dishes you want. There is an option on the menu for you to select a small portion if you prefer.

Please note – meals are ordered the day before so if you have just been admitted onto the ward your first day’s meals may have been ordered by the previous patient. If the meal you receive on your first day is not suitable then please inform your named nurse.

Special diets

The menus provided to you cater for a wide dietary requirement;

  • Normal diet
  • Vegetarian diet (V)
  • Soft option diet (*)
  • Stage II & stage III diets (S)
  • Diabetic diet (D)
  • Low fat diet (LF)
  • Healthy choice diet ( )
  • Symbols in brackets above are used on the menu to identify each of the above diets.
  • In addition the following menus are available;
  • Asian menu
  • Asian (vegetarian) menu
  • Kosher menu
  • Reduced salt menu
  • Gluten free menu
  • Oriental menu
  • Toddler/finger food menu
  • Vegan menu

If you require one of these menus then please ask your named nurse.

Other dietary requirements
If you have a dietary requirement that is not covered by any of the menus mentioned then please inform your named nurse.

Snacks and beverages

You will be provided with a variety of hot and cold beverages throughout the day. Snacks are also available in between meals, your named nurse will be able to tell you what is available.

24-hour ‘Snack Box’ service

Snack boxes are available for patients who have missed a meal because of treatment or have been admitted between meals. If you require a snack box then please speak to your named nurse.

A number of other refreshment services are available throughout the hospital