Cancelling An Outpatient Appointment

Outpatient Cancellation Process

If you have been given an Outpatient appointment and you cannot attend, please use the form below to cancel. You do have the option to state you would like an alternative appointment date, in which case your request will sent to the booking office, who will call to re-arrange a more convenient date.

Please Do Not use this form if your appointment is within 2 Working days, please ring Central Booking Office on 0161 922 6991.

Failure to attend an appointment without notice will result in a 'Did Not Attend' appointment outcome and you may be referred back to your GP.

Please be aware that if you cancel an appointment more than two times, you may be referred back to your GP.

Please be aware that the Trust has a policy which governs the process of Patient cancellation (please see section below this form).



Patient Cancellation of Outpatient Appointments

On occasion, patients will cancel an appointment because it is no longer convenient or they are unfit to attend, these will be recorded as a patient cancellation on Lorenzo.

The Trust will offer the patient the opportunity to book one further appointment. The Reasonable Notice for Outpatients (two week) principle continues to apply in these cases.

Where a patient has cancelled two agreed appointments (whether these are for clinical review, diagnostic tests or treatment in an outpatient setting) the Trust will discharge the patient back to the GP unless there is a valid reason (such as the Hospital had also cancelled appointments that were agreed) to offer the patient a further appointment. This will be made clear on correspondence with the patient about their appointment.

Children and Vulnerable Adults (as identified by the GP or with an Alert Flag on Lorenzo) will be reviewed individually by the clinician they are referred to at the point of the 2nd cancellation, prior to a decision to discharge back to the GP.