DA Languages

DA Languages

DA Languages is the leading provider of language services to the NHS, with 20 years of experience working with the national healthcare service, sharing the goal of improving patient experience.

We understand the current needs and pressures on the NHS which is why we provide a competitive rate for all our services. The services we can offer you include:

Face to Face interpretation

Face to Face interpretation is our most requested service by our NHS clients. We have a large catalogue of thousands of linguists who are available for even the most serious of appointments. We will always aim to source linguists from the local area in order to reduce travel times and cost. Of course, this depends on the rarity of the language. All our interpreters are DPSI qualified and have been fully DBS checked. Face to Face interpreters are all skilled and have experience working within an NHS environment, with many having received additional training from charities such as Macmillan.

Telephone Interpretation

Telephone Interpretation works as a great solution to an urgent and unexpected need for an interpreter. You can use the DA telephone interpreting app in order to get connected as quickly as possible to the linguist you require. It’s a very straightforward process to get set-up on our system, and when you’re connected, calls can be completed in mere moments. Alternatively, you can also contact our team directly for advice; simply explain your request and we can connect you to a native speaker of the language you require.

DA Link

DA Link

DA Link is our state-of-the-art online booking portal. This allows you to efficiently and securely book an interpreter for when you require. Naturally the more notice the better however we are more than capable of working to emergency deadlines. DA Link is simple to use and once your booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email and the linguists’ details.

DA Languages is skilled and experienced in providing language services to hospitals throughout the NHS. We want what is best for the patient and will work with you to obtain that aim. We only provide fully qualified and trained linguists. Our linguists have received training and guidance on how to help in even the most sensitive and personal medical situations.

Also, all DA linguists have the cultural awareness and sensitivity to help a patient truly understand what their treatment, situation involves. This allows a patient to have a comfort they would otherwise be without. Having an interpreter present in any form will not only help your frontline staff provide the best care but also their patients action on the care being provided.

We also offer over 450 languages so we can service even the most niche language requests. This allows you to have no limits in the care you offer and give you the freedom to provide medical assistance to all.