Patient & Visitor Information

Attending Hospital

Everyone at Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has an absolute commitment to the delivery of high quality services for our patients, and for their right to be treated with respect. To ensure staff are aware of your presence please register your arrival at the hospital either at the "Self Check In Kiosks" or at the main outpatient reception desk based in the ‘South Entrance’ If you are being admitted as an inpatient please follow any advice given in letters from the hospital that relates specifically to your admission e.g. where to report and at what time, whether you need to bring any samples, whether you need to refrain from food and drinks before coming in, and so on.

Communication and Confidentiality

All staff wear identification badges and should introduce themselves to you.

You will be given the name of your named nurse and the consultant whose care you are having treatment under.

Medical, nursing and other students may ask to be present whilst you are being examined or administered treatment. You are under no obligation to agree and your care and treatment will not be affected in any way, whatever you decide.

Our staff should provide you with all the information you need, however, if you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff - an important part of everyone’s job is to keep you well informed.

In addition to verbal information and advice, our staff also have access to good quality printed leaflets and booklets, which may be of assistance to you.

There may be occasions when you or your relatives want to speak to one of the staff involved in your care, for example a doctor, therapist or specialist nurse. You may want to discuss future plans for your treatment, or talk about your treatment in more depth. The best way to do this is to ask the nurse in charge of the ward to make an appointment. They will agree with you which members of staff you need to see.

All the information we collect about you and your illness will be kept confidential by the health team looking after you. No information about you will be given to anyone else, including your relatives, without your permission.

The ward staff will normally ask that the number of people given information (either in person or via the phone) is limited to one or two individuals.

When you are discharged, we will send your GP information about your care and treatment in hospital. We will also send copies of this information to you with your agreement.

Sources of support and feedback

All of our staff are committed to providing the best possible care to you and your relatives. If you have any concerns about your care or treatment, or that of your relative, we need to know about them as soon as possible, so we can take action to improve the situation.

Positive comments about the care you or your relative have received are also very much welcomed, and provide a great morale booster for staff.

Please raise any comments, concerns, compliments or complaints with the nurse in charge of the ward in the first instance.

Visiting Times

Visiting times for our medical wards are 11am until 8pm everyday.

Our surgical wards have a rest period during the day between 1pm and 3pm. This allows our patients to get extra rest and help with recovery. 

What is a surgical ward?

If somebody has had or is waiting for surgery (operation), the are likely to be on a surgical ward. 

What's a medical ward?

A medical ward is where the patient has not had or is unlikely to have surgery. 

The Chaplaincy Department

Hospital chaplains offer spiritual care to people of all faiths and people of no faith.

Our diverse team has representation from a number of the major faiths and visit clinic areas regularly to talk and listen to patients, carers and staff.

Chaplains are available for urgent spiritual or religious need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is usually a chaplain on site during normal office hours.

If you would like to speak to a chaplain, ask the ward staff to arrange this.

Chaplains will always respect your faith and your viewpoint. If you wish to see a chaplain from your own faith group, we will try to facilitate this.

In an emergency the on call chaplain will attend and may not be of the same faith as you.

To contact the team please either ask the ward staff or call the office on:0161 922 5333 (answering machine) or call the switchboard on 0161 922 6666

The Multi Faith Prayer Room


For those who wish to take time to pray and reflect, there are two multi-faith prayer rooms in the Ladysmith Building with resources there for different faith communities.

Based in the Ladysmith Building and open 24 hours for quiet, personal space and is available to all patients, staff, relatives and visitors.

No faith-specific symbols are kept on display, but resources / artefacts are available in the cupboards for the use of all as needed.

Religious services take place in the multi-faith prayer rooms in the Ladysmith Building.

Holy Communion

  • Sunday 2pm in the chapel, Holy Communion, Ecumenical Service (Church of England and Free Church)

Ask the staff to contact Chaplaincy if you wish to attend.

Friday Prayers

Jummah Salaah times


1:15pm Khutbah

1:30pm Jamaah


1:20pm Khutbah

1:30pm Jamaah

Travel Expenses

If you receive certain benefits, you may be entitled to a refund of travel costs. Entitlement rules may be subject to change over time.

Eligible patients should visit Hartshead South Main Reception to make a claim and for more information. Please bring proof of eligibility.

*If you have mobility issues and require help, please contact 0161 922 4081 (Mon to Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm) or visit the enquiries desk at Hartshead South main entrance. For more information visit here.

NHS Number

Please be ready to supply your NHS number when contacting us. This is a 10-digit number and can be obtained from your GP Practice.