Our Values

A visit to our Trust will tell you that we work by a defined set of values and behaviours. These values and behaviours define the organisation that we are, and aspire to be. It is very important that all of our staff sign up to our values and behaviours when they join the trust, in fact we specifically look for candidates that can demonstrate these values and behaviours to be part of our team.

At Tameside and Glossop IC NHS FT, we have a motto that ‘everybody matters’. By living our values and behaviours throughout the organisation, we are able to demonstrate that everybody really does matter.

Our values and behaviours are:


  • We provide a clean, safe environment for everyone
  • We take responsibility for everything we do
  • We challenge and respond to improve quality for everyone


  • We are caring and compassionate
  • We offer comfort and show support and understanding
  • We involve patients and their relatives in their care
  • We care about our staff and their welfare
  • We respect privacy and confidentiality at all times


  • We recognise, value and respect everyone around us
  • We treat everybody with dignity and kindness
  • We are polite and professional


  • We actively listen to our patients, their relatives, carers and our colleagues
  • We are honest and open
  • We encourage and welcome feedback


  • We promote and encourage learning
  • We motivate, train and develop ourselves and others
  • We recognise and celebrate achievements
  • We learn and develop from incidents, complaints and compliments received

By demonstrating all of these values and behaviours, individually, and as an organisation, we’re able to confidently say that everybody matters.

Click here to download our values and behaviours wall chart.