Welcome to Tameside Hospital's Multi-Award Winning Maternity Unit

The birth of every child is special and here at Tameside Hospital our Maternity Unit provides support to thousands of families each year, caring for them and their babies.

Generations of midwives have looked after expectant parents and their parents too, here at Tameside Hospital in a supporting, professional and caring environment.

From the day you know you are pregnant, we will be there for you and your family, helping you choose how you want to have your baby and how you want to be cared for along the way.

Delivering babies in Tameside for 40 years, Tameside Hospital’s Maternity Unit has an excellent reputation and our results speak for themselves.

Why choose us

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Here at Tameside Hospital we want you to have the best possible experience throughout your pregnancy.

You can choose how and where you would like to have your baby and the type of care you would like. You can discuss these first with your community midwife at your local health centre. Please ring 0161 922 4921 as soon as you know you are pregnant to discuss how to get a midwife appointment. There is no need to see your GP first.

Your choices:

Midwife Led Care

  • A short stay in our midwifery-led unit
  • Home birth

Hospital birth

  • Antenatal appointments
  • Your choice of length of stay in hospital
  • Early discharge from hospital, if possible
  • Private rooms available


Here is a selection of some of the feedback from our patients:

Why did you choose to have your baby at Tameside?

  • Second baby born at Tameside, had good experience so I came back.
  • Everything great with first baby, great care.
  • Previous good care.
  • Last baby born at Tameside, looked after very well.
  • Brilliant care last time.
  • Reputation, heard about good care. Recommended by friends.
  • Last child born at Tameside, had good care – total confidence.

What did you think of your antenatal care?

  • All good.
  • Brilliant
  • Fantastic
  • It was really good every time.
  • Service very efficient when seen and midwives always nice

In the Community?

  • Community midwife lovely, can ask her anything/approachable.
  • Midwife brilliant.
  • Fab, midwife always there for me.
  • Midwife really good.
  • Midwife amazing.
  • Midwife lovely.

Tell us about the care you received in labour?

  • Midwife and student great. Student supported partner really well and they let me get on with it (in the zone). The midwife who discharged us from CDS was also lovely.
  • Midwife dead nice.
  • Midwife and student really good.
  • Doctor and midwives amazing
  • Midwife very positive and helpful. I trusted her
  • Excellent, everyone brilliant, Consultant brilliant
  • The midwives were really good.
  • All staff lovely, as relaxing as possible.

Is there anything you particularly liked about the hospital? What did we do well?

  • Everything great nothing to complain about; treated with respect.
  • Staff on ANU brilliant, all staff brilliant. New delivery rooms. Consultant brilliant this and last time.
  • Midwife at delivery really good.
  • Everything great.
  • Everyone was there for me.
  • Really good care and advice.
  • The whole labour, midwife and student really nice.
  • Midwife very nice, made me very comfortable couldn’t ask for more. LSCS went well, no complications, very happy.
  • Everything great, completely trusted midwife.
  • Everything explained and before I went to the theatre the doctor came and explained everything.
  • Everything fantastic. Every time I asked for or needed something they were there.
  • Couldn’t fault the midwife and doctor.
  • Really good service
  • Midwives go above and beyond

What did you think of Tameside Maternity Unit?

  • Excellent, no reason to say anything else, just want to feel looked after and safe with your baby and I do.

Help & advice

We are committed to making your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Staff are always on hand to provide help and advice. There is also a range of support available throughout your pregnancy to help you and your family.

Find out about

Booking your appointment

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy.

At your booking history, the midwife will complete a referral to the hospital, and a booking appointment will be issued around your twelve week of pregnancy. Any concerns prior to this can be discussed with your midwife or G.P. Blood tests are performed at your first appointment with your midwife.

Midwife led care (M.L.C.)

By following a risk assessment tool, all low risk women are offered midwife led care. Previously known as the domino scheme and home births. Your named midwife will be supported by the midwife led care team leader and the other team members. This system of care is very fluid, with women who have some areas of concern, who will be reviewed by the obstetric team, and then returned to midwife led care.

Ante-natal appointments

Appointments follow National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and will be with your community named midwife as much as possible. Any concerns you wish to discuss can be done so to your own midwife, or with the M.L.C team on 0161-922-4921. Blood tests are taken at your first appointment with your midwife, at your booking appointment at the hospital, and at your 28wk appointment. All will be discussed with you beforehand.

The booklet “Screening tests for you and your baby” provides you with important information about the screening tests that you will be offered in early pregnancy and also screening tests for your baby in their first few weeks.

The link provides more detailed information on the antenatal screening tests for Down’s Syndrome and fetal anomaly screening.


Your two scans will be the baseline booking scan, used to confirm a definite pregnancy, and to ascertain a due date. The second scan is the anomaly scan, and is a detailed scan to ensure the baby appears healthy. No further scans will be performed unless concerns arise.

Home-birth evening meeting

We now hold quarterly meetings at the hospital to encourage women to have a home birth.

At these meeting we invite parents who have recently had a home birth to come and discuss their experience. We answer any common concerns regarding home birth and have a pool inflated to view. Refreshments are also.

The meetings are held in the antenatal clinic 7-8pm.

If you would like to attend or have any questions please contact your midwife or the M.L.C office (0161 922 4039).


Having your baby

If labour starts before 37 weeks you care will be transferred to the consultants.

For any concerns ring the M.L.C office as above or labour ward 0161-922-6173/6172 to speak to a midwife.

In early labour you will be encouraged to remain at home whilst you are able to.

Tens machines, simple analgesia, birthing balls, and having regular baths are all useful. These can also be used once at the hospital.

The birthing pool at the hospital is offered for labour and delivery. Bring your own choice of music for the room, which is a very quiet, relaxing room.

We have two pools that we loan out for use at home, and we ask for a small payment for the sterile liner for the pool, which reduces the need to clean the pool. Please ask your midwife if interested in using the pool for labour or birthing.

Your baby’s heartbeat will be regularly listened to with either a pinard’s stethoscope (trumpet) or a sonicaid machine, as used by your midwife.

Access and visiting

When attending hospital access to the wards/units is gained through the intercom system.


To ensure that mothers are given adequate rest and support on the ante-natal and post-natal wards, visitors are restricted to two (excluding partners) and are asked to adhere strictly to the daily times. The Delivery Suite (Labour Ward) is the only exception and up to two birth partners may be present throughout labour and delivery.

For the Neonatal Intensive Care unit where visiting hours are open, all visitors must be accompanied by a parent of the baby.

Delivery Suite

  • Within the Delivery Suite (Labour Ward) up to two birth partners may be present throughout labour and delivery

Antenatal & Postnatal Wards Visiting Hours 

The visiting times for ward 27, located in the Maternity department within the Charlesworth building.

Below are the new timings listed :

8.30am - 8.30pm

Birth partners and patients own children only  



2.30pm – 4.30pm

6.30pm – 8.30pm



For any more information, kindly contact Lyndsey Lythe on extn 4005 or ward extn 6181

Neonatal Intensive Care Visiting

For the Neonatal Intensive Care unit where visiting hours are unrestricted, all visitors must be accompanied by a parent of the baby.


image for postnatalIf all goes well during, and after labour, you and your baby can go home a few hours later. If you prefer to stay in overnight this is fine.

If breast feeding for the first time we will encourage you to stay in at least overnight, as you have 24 hour support whilst feeding is established.

A midwife will see you the day after and perform a full examination on baby. Several midwives have undertaken a course which enables them to do this examination. You will also be checked over.

A drop in hearing screening test will be offered at the hospital, in the Children’s Outpatient Department, when you feel well enough to take your baby.

Further visits will be arranged between the midwife and yourself.

You can speak with a midwife 24hrs, and also arrange additional visits if you have concerns over yourself or your baby.

If booked for shared care you will be seen by a doctor at the hospital for your two scan appointments, and your midwife at your G.P. Surgery for all other appointments.

Watch the Tameside Hospital Maternity Services Video

Friends and Family Test for Maternity Services

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) has now been extended to cover hospital maternity services. The test will show how well patients feel maternity services are performing up and down the country.

Pregnant women and mothers will be asked at every maternity unit in England for their views on three different areas: antenatal care, birth and care on the postnatal ward and postnatal community care.

Tameside Hospital has commenced collecting patient views and is encouraging women using their Maternity Services to provide feedback of their experiences of the service. Patient s can leave their feedback and comments in a variety of ways, including by postcard, iPad in the ward area and on the trust website.

This will make sure that every pregnant woman or new mum has opportunity to provide feedback, helping the Hospital to better understand and meet the needs of local families.

It is anticipated the first set of Maternity data from the NHS Friend & Family Test will be published in January 2014.

The NHS Friend & Family Test is intended to allow hospital trusts to gain real time feedback on their services down to individual ward level. The test is based on a system called a net promoter score, which is widely used in the private sector to measure customer satisfaction. Possible scores range from -100 to 100 and anything positive is regarded as a good score.

Please leave your Friends and Family Test feedback for Maternity here.

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