Childrens Safeguarding Service

Children’s Safeguarding Service

The Safeguarding Children Team is situated in Hartshead South on the Children’s Unit and comprises a named doctor, named nurse and 2 part time safeguarding trainers. There is also a named midwife based in the maternity department who works alongside a teenage pregnancy midwife.

Being a parent or carer is one of the hardest tasks anyone undertakes and as a team we aim to support those working with children and their parents/carers, to enable children to thrive in their families and communities. Safeguarding Children is Everyone's Business and we all have an interest in doing the best for children and young people.

All children have a right to be safe and protected from harm. The Trust aspires to the highest standards of corporate behaviour and clinical competence, in order to ensure that safe, fair and equitable guidelines are applied to all care provided to children.

Protecting children from harm and promoting their welfare depends on a shared responsibility and effective joint working between different agencies. The Trust has a statutory responsibility set out in the Children Act 2004 to safeguard the welfare of children, therefore any individual working within the Trust, irrespective of role or employment status has a duty to safeguard children.