Our Quality Standards and Performance

Our service standards

  • Applications to join the library will be processed within two working days. Items may be borrowed immediately, if appropriate ID is produced.

  • Items requested for stock by customers and approved for purchase will be ordered within one month, if financial circumstances permit.

  • Inter library loan requests will be processed within two working days. Urgent requests will be dealt with promptly and supplied within two working days where possible.

  • Literature searches will be supplied within 5 working days where possible.

  • General enquiries will be dealt with within two working days.

If for any reason, we are unable to meet these standards or need any further information from you,
we will contact you as soon as possible 
after our initial conversation with you or receipt of your request.


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Some highlights of 2016/17








Our performance during the year 2017-18..






NHS Libraries Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF)

The Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) was developed to ensure that the NHS Library Services across England are reviewed, quality assured, compliant with national standards and meeting the needs of the local health economy which they serve. LQAF is defined in the Learning and Development Agreements (LDAs) as the quality assurance framework for all library services in the NHS.

The table below shows the compliance scores that the Trust's Knowledge & Library Service has achieved over the last three years:



Trust Library Score

NW Acute sector score






97%  Maintained the Green Zone position and
attained the 
mean NW Acute Sector average score. 


One of the top 22 NHS library services scoring 97%+  
(out of total of 34 services gaining 90%+)






Still in the Green Zone and above the mean NW Acute Sector average score.


One of the top 18 NHS library services scoring 97%+  
(out of total of 30 services gaining 90%+)




 93%  93% 

Green Zone rating maintained.



95% 92%

Above NW Acute sector average. Green zone rating maintained.
Ranked 11th out of 38 NHS Libraries in the region, including the much
larger teaching hospitals.   (Joint position with 4 other Trusts)


More information about LQAF


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