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e-Journals & Databases

There are over 1500 electronic full-text journals and several major databases (like Medline, Cinahl, Embase, British Nursing Index etc.) available to the Trust staff. These include e-resources provided nationally through the Evidence Search, regionally by the northwest NHS libraries' consortium, as well as subscriptions paid for locally by the Trust Library. 

If you are logged onto a Trust computer you can search for Journal titles that the Trust library subscribes to, please click on the links below;


Help with Literature Searching

If you need help with the information you require please contact the helpdesk. We can either do the search for you  - Sorry, not if you are a trainee - you are supposed to learn to do this for yourself! - or we can work with you on a mediated search.

We also offer training in literature searching and critical appraisal skills.


NHS has a special license with the Copyright Licensing Authority (CLA) which allows NHS staff to make copies from printed resources or to download electronic journal articles or reports, under specific conditions. Please note the conditions listed on the attached poster.

In addition to the national legislation, we are also subject to licensing agreements with the suppliers of our resources. These restrict what you can or cannot do with the electronic resources you access.  For example, here is our agreement with Wiley's for their Online Library.  Have a look at Section C on "Terms & Conditions of use". It tells you how much information you can access, download, send to someone else or print out.


Any infringement of the copyright legislation or our licenses will incur penalties

  • for the individual(s) involved,
  • for the Knowledge & Library Services and
  • for the Trust as a whole.

Please stay within the law!