Borrowing Items From Other Libraries

Borrowing items from other libraries


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The Trust’s Knowledge & Library Service is part of LIHNN which is a network of NHS Library services in the NW & Yorkshire/Humberside, and specifically of the Greater Manchester Health Libraries Group.  This means that we can borrow from other libraries, items which we might not have in stock, including articles from journals we do not subscribe to. If need be, we can widen the search to health libraries nationally or go to the British Library.

Please note that there will be a charge for this service, which will vary, depending on the source of supply. The time taken for the request to be fulfilled will also vary, depending on where we need to go for the item. However, we aim to send off the request within two working days of receipt. Most of the requested articles are supplied within ten days.

Before making such a request, do please check whether an e-version of the journal is available free of charge (to NHS staff) electronically. If it is, you will probably need an NHS Athens password to access it. For more information, see our Journals & Online Resources page.


Access to other NHS Trust Libraries

If you work in Tameside, but live closer to another NHS Trust which has a library service, you might be able to use that library under the GMHelp scheme, of which we are a member. Basic services like browsing the physical book collection or seating are available to all NHS staff. Beyond that, each Library service has its own limitations, including e.g. number of items (if any) which can be borrowed or use of computers or accessing electronic resources. 


Please make sure you take your Trust ID card with you.

Plus, a phone call before a visit would be appreciated by most Libraries,
to ensure that the appropriate staff are available.  

If you need any help with this, please contact us on x 6662