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Guide to Trust Library Catalogue


Catalogue of the items held by other NHS Trust libraries across the North West. 


Guide to the NW NHS Libraries' catalogue


The Trust catalogue is now accessible over the Internet to enable you to

  • Check stock availability
  • Renew your loans
  • Reserve items you would like to borrow


  • Our holdings are also listed on the NW NHS Libraries catalogue (link on the right) 
  • You can also renew or reserve items over the phone  (0161 922 6662)

 Borrowing items from another NHS Library:


 The Library has over 6,000 books

  • for clinical, management & administrative decision-making
  • for personal / professional development
  • for leisure (fiction)
  • for self-help (Health & Well-being collection)

 We also have a selection of DVDs (e.g. MediVision series) & other related audio-visual materials.

  • You can borrow up to 10 items from the Library.
  • You can borrow any item on the shelves, except journals and "reference only" items.

For further details about your entitlements, see our Membership Criteria 



Avoid paying unnecessary fines!   Click here to find out how much you could end up paying on overdue items! 


Please note:  You will need your login details

to access your loans records.

Guide:  How to renew your loans



  • Borrowed items may be renewed by personal visit to the library, by telephone (0161 922 6662) or by using the online catalogue - as long as there is no-one else waiting for it.
  • If the item has been requested by another reader, you will be asked to bring it back.


Note:  You will need your login details to access the appropriate sections of the system.




Guide:  How to reserve library books which might be out-on-loan to someone else



  • If the item you want is out on loan to someone else, you can put yourself on the waiting list for it.
  • Complete the process by logging onto the Trust Library Catalogue  (see guide above)
  • When the book becomes available, the Library staff will inform you.
  • Please note:  The book will be kept aside for you for a maximum of seven days

If we do not hold the item, you can submit a request to borrow it from another library

Please contact the library if you need further help.


We now subscribe to e-books from several sources.

Please note:  You will need an

NHS Athens UserID / Password

to access these resources 

Click on the icon below to register for an Athens UserID.


 Click here for a Guide to registration

Note:  If you use a non-NHS computer, registration for an Athens password can take anything from
seven to fourteen days. If you register from an NHS machine, access can be sorted within 24 hours.









Click on the icons below to explore what is available to you from the particular publisher.


Link to e-books from Dawsonera




Click here for a guide          

Link to e-books on Proquest - login using your Athens password




Click here for a guide          

Oxford Medicine Online


Click here for a guide          



Click here for a guide          



Book selection policy

Most items added to stock are recommended by the Trust staff or chosen by our librarians.  If you would like to recommend any, please send us the details and we will consider them for purchase.  Within financial & budgetary constraints, items approved for purchase will be ordered within one month. 

New items added to stock

 To find out what items have been added to stock,

  • Go to our Library catalogue and go to the What's new section of the home page
  • You will be given a list of items added within the last 90 days
  • To get more information about the book, or to establish whether it is available to borrow, click on the title.


NHS has a special license with the Copyright Licensing Authority (CLA) which allows NHS staff to make copies from printed resources or to download electronic journal articles or reports, under specific conditions. Please note the conditions listed on the attached poster.

We subscribe to e-journals and databases and our access to them is also subject to licensing agreements with the suppliers. 

Any infringement of the copyright legislation or our licenses will incur penalties

- for the individual(s) involved

- for the Knowledge & Library Services and

- for the Trust as a whole.

Please stay within the law!