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The aim of our Paediatric Audiology service is:

*  To provide you with an excellent service to meet your child’s individual needs

*  This includes offering you an appointment that is suitable for you. Although delays are sometimes unavoidable we will try to ensure you are seen at your appointment time

*  Hearing tests and the results will be explained to you at the appointment to answer your questions about the tests and the results

Who we are

Our Team consists of;


1 Clinical Lead / Paediatric Specialist - Verity Langlands

10 Senior Audiologists


We have close links with The University of Manchester and have students working with us


Who do we work with

  • We are part of a multidisciplinary team of Audiologists, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, ENT Doctors and Specialist Teachers
  • At your child’s clinic assessment there will be a Specialist Paediatrician and an Audiologist or two Audiologists
  • Referral to the other members of the team can be made directly if this is required
  • The Paediatric Audiology Service follows national guidelines and recognised best practice whilst also meeting the individual needs of children and their families
  • We involve parents in the decision making for their child and in the development and improvement of our services


Our Location

The Children’s Audiology clinic is located in the Children’s Outpatients at Tameside General Hospital

This is a specially designed children’s area with a large playroom/waiting area, toilets and changing facilities


On arrival please book into clinic with the reception staff at:


Children’s Outpatients

Hartshead Building South
Tameside Hospital
Fountain Street
OL6 9RW  


How to access our service

Children may be referred due to parental or professional concern about hearing or speech and language development

We accept referrals from:

  • ENT Doctors
  • GP’s
  • Health Visitors
  • Paediatricians
  • School Nurses
  • Specialist Teachers for the Hearing Impaired
  • Speech and Language Therapists


Our Service

Hearing Assessments

image of baby hearing test

  • We assess children aged 0-18 years
  • The Paediatric Audiology service is available for babies, children and young people in Tameside and Glossop, where there is a concern about their hearing or a known hearing problem
  • We offer a specialist service to diagnose and help babies, children and young people with hearing loss

Aetiology (Investigate the cause of permanent hearing loss)

  • A hearing problem is not always obvious, particularly in young children. 
  • There are different degrees and types of hearing impairment. Some hearing losses can be temporary and fluctuate, other Hearing losses may be permanent. 
  • Although a child may respond to some sounds around the home, they may not be able to hear all the sounds that they should be hearing. This may affect a child’s development especially for speech and language

Hearing Aids

  • We fit and evaluate the progress of children with hearing aids

Onward Referrals

  • If required referrals will be made to other professionals


Your child's appointment

  • We aim to see children within 6 weeks of receiving the referral

  • If your child is unwell please contact the department so that the appointment can be rearranged

  • If an interpreter is required, please ensure that the person referring your child tells us or you contact us well in advance of the appointment so that this can be arranged

  • Appointments usually last 20-30 minutes, but may be up to 90 minutes depending on the type of appointment. Please allow sufficient time for travel and parking (charges apply)

  • There will usually be an Audiologist and Specialist Paediatrician present or two Audiologists

  • Occasionally there are BSc Audiology students or medical students from the University of Manchester in clinic. They gain valuable experience from their time in the department. If you would prefer not to have them present, please inform the Receptionist or Audiologist in clinic

  • We will also ask some questions about your child’s health and development and any family history of hearing loss. New patients will be sent a questionnaire with the appointment letter to bring to the appointment



  • We aim to accurately assess a child’s hearing levels and identify the type and degree if any hearing loss is present. This may require more than one assessment

  • The test most appropriate to the child’s age, development and interest is used

  • Most tests in the clinic will require your child to be alert and happy to participate in the tests with the Audiologist

  • Some testing on very young infants will require that your child will need to be asleep. This will be explained in the appointment letter

  • Testing is performed in a sound proofed room and a combination of tests may be used to obtain as much information as possible


Hearing Aids

Image of hearing aid

  • Latest state of the art digital hearing aids
    • Oticon, Phonak and Starkey hearing aids

  • Hearing aids are individually programmed through a computer, to the child’s hearing test

  • Hearing is tested on a regular basis depending upon the needs of the child

  • There are different ear fittings which can be fitted dependent on the type of loss and age of child

  • Programmes can be added to enhance listening in different environments. These are activated by the Audiologist after discussing the patients individual requirements


Hearing aid care

Image of earmould

Maintenance - Earmould

  • You need your hearing aid tubing changing every 6 months.
  • Either make an appointment at the hospital or drop into one of our open-access clinics
    (view our open-access Clinic list below)
drawing of Corda open fitting  hearing aid

Maintenance - Minifit / Thin Tube

  • You need your hearing aid tubing changing every 6 months.
  • Either make an appointment at the hospital or drop into one of our open-access clinics
    (view our open-access Clinic list below)


Open-Access Clinic List


New clinic dates starting January 2020 





During these difficult times your hearing care is our priority and we are currently able to offer the following services: 




Postal repair and battery service 


Booked drop-off repair service




Where necessary, face-to-face booked appointments at: 


Tameside General Hospital 


Ann Street, Denton


Dewsnap Lane, Dukinfield 


George Street, Glossop




Please note ALL OPEN-ACCESS CLINICS  are suspended until further notice 




Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on:




Tel: 0161 922 6381 







Swim Plugs


Swim moulds provide an opportunity to adults and young children to take part in their normal day to day water based activities, such as showering, swimming etc. Swim moulds generally provide an added layer of protection, protecting the ear canal and middle ear from infections


There is an additional cost of £15 per swim plug


If anyone feels they would like a swim plug please contact the Audiology Department on 0161 922 6381 who will be happy to assist




Useful Information

These services can provide help and advice on adaptations in the home

You can self refer for these or ask your Audiologist to refer you:


Children with Disabilities Team
Gardenfold Way
M43 7XU

Tel: 0161 371 2060
Minicom: 0161 371 2076
Fax: 0161 371 2061


Deaf & Hearing Support
30 Wheatbridge Road (Medical Centre)
S40 2AB

Tel: 01256 555 934
Minicom: 01246 555 933



Connevans - Equipment to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people at home, work or in Education


C2Hear - Information about hearing aids which is suitable for older children and parents on re-tubing and fitting hearing aids, how to troubleshoot and other useful videos


National Deaf Children's Society - The National Deaf Children's Society is a charity for Deaf children and young people. The website has lots of invaluable information about hearing loss and hearing aids, and you can find some useful videos such as how to re-tube your child’s earmould.


For leaflet download you need to be a member but it is free to join, and for parents as well if they want to download anything. 


There is specific information Specific info related to Covid-19 at:

Online events for children / families, including an online sign language course. Available for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic:


General information leaflets: 

Glue ear leaflet:

Understanding your child’s hearing tests:

Support and advice for children and families:


British Tinnitus Association - Links to Tinnitus leaflets and resources designed specifically for children


The Elizabeth Foundation - May be able to assist with virtual family counselling


Hear Glue Ear App - Songs, games and books to support children with glue ear as well as links to further information for parents


Ida Institute - Counselling tools for children of varying ages 


Auditory Skills

These are good resources for developing auditory skills for Deaf children, and helpful for children who have general difficulties with their hearing


Deaf Communication Courses

The following provide Deaf communication courses, such as British Sign Language (BSL), Lip speaking and communication support etc. - Online sign language course available on 'pay what-you-can' basis - Free BSL Level 1 course Deaf communication courses


Support in School

Specialist Teachers are available to offer help and advice about using hearing aids in school

Contact details for education support:



Sensory Support Service
Hearing Impairment Team
Ryecroft Hall
Manchester Road

M34 5ZJ

Tel: 0161 342 4268
Fax: 0161 342 4274
Minicom: 0161 342 4272  


SEN Support Services
Grange Street
DE55 7JA

Tel: 01629 532 488 (Term Time)


SEN Support Services Centre
School Road
S41 8LJ

Tel: 01629 537 686 (School Holidays)



Patient Information Leaflets & Guides



Children's Audio & Tymp Clinic

Children's Hearing Assessment Clinic

Transitioning to Adult Audiology


Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Children's Hearing Aids


Minifit / Thin Tube Cleaning Guide

Minifit / Thin Tube Insertion Guide


Ear Mould Re-tubing Guide

Ear Mould Tubing & Attachment Guide

Ear Mould Cleaning & Insertion Guide

Ear Mould Insertion Video


How to turn your hearing aid on/off

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide


How to Contact Us

The Hearing Centre - Audiology
Yellow Suite
Hartshead Building North
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Fountain Street
OL6 9RWChoose and book logo

Tel: 0161 922 6381
Fax: 0161 922 6650



Patient Satisfaction Survey

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ENT Department

Contact Details: 0161 922 6468 / 6469
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