Speech and Language

Speech and Language Therapy - Tameside & Glossop

Welcome to the adults speech and language therapy service (SALT) for the Tameside and Glossop area.

About Our Service

We offer speech and language therapy to those over the age of 16 who have difficulties with communication, swallowing, voice production, or stammering. Our service covers all of Tameside and Glossop including patients in Tameside Foundation Trust Hospital.

We also offer a specialist service to children who have voice problems or stammer from any age.

Where is the service delivered?

We provide a service in a variety of settings, depending on individual need. We see people in their own homes, nursing and residential homes, in Tameside Foundation Trust Hospital, intermediate care settings such as Shire Hill Hospital, Pennine Care in-patient wards, and our speech therapy department.

Our Expertise

Our Health Professionals Council registered speech and language therapists (SALT) offer a specialist service in a range of communication and swallowing difficulties, these include;

  • neurological impairments e.g. Stroke
  • degenerative conditions e.g. Parkinson's disease and dementia
  • head, neck or throat cancer
  • voice problems  
  • stammering
  • diagnostic swallowing assessments (i.e. video-fluoroscopy, to be linked to patient info leaflet) when needed.
  • support with using high and low tech communication aids.

How To Use The Service

To access the service:

  • If you or a relative has a communication difficulty or stammer you can refer directly to our service by phone, email, letter or fax.
  • You are likely to make initial contact with our secretarial staff who have experience in dealing with people who have communication difficulties. They will therefore be able to help you with any queries about our service
  • Anyone with swallowing difficulties will require a written referral from a doctor, nurse or allied health professional such as a physiotherapist.
  • Those experiencing problems with their voice such as hoarseness or loss of pitch should visit their GP with a view to being referred to the ear, nose and throat  (ENT) department for examination before being seen by our service
  • Please also see the referral form for communication difficulties on the documents tab for the type of information we require

Before your visit

Please think about the issues you  are having with your speech and what questions you want to ask. If you are experiencing swallowing difficulties you may want to keep a record of the types of food or drink that cause problems.

You will be contacted by phone or sent an appointment letter, if you wish to discuss the time or date of your appointment please contact us.

During your visit

Your (or your child’s) individual needs will be assessed by a speech and language therapist. Advice, treatment options and the next steps in your care will be discussed with you. You will be given contact details for the therapist(s) involved in your care.

After your visit

Please do not hesitate to contact the service if you have any questions, or would like to discuss any aspect of your care.

Contact Information

Tel No 0161 922 5158

Fax No 0161 922 5156
email: tga-tr.salt@nhs.net

Opening Times

We are open between 8.30 and 4.30 each weekday.

How to find us

We are located close to the Darnton Road entrance to Tameside Foundation Trust Hospital, the entrance opposite Ashton Sixth Form College. No parking is available immediately next to the department but the hospital has a number of public pay and display car parks, the nearest being the multi-storey car park on Fountain Street. Alternatively, parking is available on Arundel Street.