Podiatry - Tameside & Glossop

Welcome to the podiatry service. The podiatry service provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advice to improve tissue viability, mobility, to reduce pain and promote foot health.

About Our Service

  • We actively promote the provision of a comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective service to clients
  • We provide specialist care to meet individual needs in a reassuring, supportive, comfortable environment
  • We offer a range of treatments appropriate to different age ranges and target groups that also support patient choice
  • We work closely with other healthcare professionals to aid with podiatry care. We deliver our services in a timely manner, which are appropriate to each individuals needs. To support and empower patients to meet their own health needs through self care advice and education. For example nail cutting advice.

Our Expertise

All our podiatrists hold a degree in Podiatry and are registered members of the Health Care Professions Council.
All Podatrists have signed up as members of the daisy campaign and the service has been accrediated with the daisy award, ensuring all patients will be treated with dignity and respect.

  • The key roles of our podiatry team are to:Work as integral members of Primary Care Trust and Acute Trust multi-disciplinary clinical teams e.g. specialist diabetes teams, vascular and diabetes clinics, physiotherapy musculo-skeletal teams, District Nursing teams etc
  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot health problems
  • Provision of preventative interventions and foot health education
  • Provide Screening of diabetes patients within their GP practice
  • Be involved in providing Training to carers, health care and social care professionals

How To Use The Service

Before your visit

Think what about health issues you have been experiencing and what questions to ask. Please bring any medication you are on with you. You will be sent a letter with details of your appointment.

During your visit

You will be asked to report to your local community health clinic reception. A member of staff will call you from the waiting room. You can expect to have an examination and you may be expected to complete some forms. Your medical records will be updated. You will be advised of the next steps in your treatment.

After your visit

A care plan will be put into place during your visit and you will either receive a short term package of care to treat an acute problem for which you will be given pre-booked appointments, you may be given a long term care plan for which you will be advised to rebook a new podiatry appointment as required, or you may be discharged from the service with the appropriate advice as no further treatment is required.

Contact Information

Our Podiatry email address is: communitycentralbooking@tgh.nhs.uk

Podiatry admin - 0161 922 4888


Opening Times

Our clinics run Monday to Friday from 8.45am until 5pm.

Visiting times

We provide a limited home visiting service to patients who are housebound and unable to attend clinic. This service operates Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 5pm.

Available at

Some clinics do not offer sessions every day, this is due to reduced demand for the Service in particular geographical locations. Please contact the clinics for details.

Ashton Primary Care Centre - 193 Old Street, St Petersfield, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire - OL6 7SR Tel: 0161 342 7000

Dewsnap Lane Clinic- Dewsnap Lane, Dukinfield – SK16 5AW Tel: 0161 366 2160

Glossop Primary Care Centre - George Street, Glossop, SK13 8AY Tel: 01457 850 550

Craven Street Clinic – Craven Street, Droylsden – M34 6DB Tel: 0161 301 1112

Hattersley Health Centre – Hattersley Road East, Hattersley – SK14 3EH Tel: 0161 366 3900

Union Street Clinic – Union Street, Hyde – SK14 1NX Tel: 0161 366 2250

Mossley Health Centre – Market Street, Mossley – OL5 0HE Tel: 01457 850 501

Hollingworth Clinic – Market Street, Hollingworth – SK14 8HR Tel: 01457 850450

Stalybridge Clinic – Waterloo Road, Stalybridge – SK15 2AU Tel: 0161 366 2120

Ann Street Health Centre- Ann Street, Denton- M34 2AJ Tel: 0161 366 2100

Gait Clinic – Ashton Primary Care Centre Old Street, St Petersfield, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire - OL6 7SF Tel: 0161 342 7000