High Risk Foot Team

High Risk Foot Team

We are Specialist Podiatrists skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and management of the at risk lower limb. We provide a fully integrated service, providing treatments at Ashton Primary Care Centre, patients’ homes and ward visits in the hospital.

We work in partnership with patients, carers and healthcare professionals to provide expert foot related advice, equipment and education. We provide support and advice on all aspects of complex ulcerations, pressure damage and arterial disease through telephone, email advice or face-to-face consultations with the patient and/or their healthcare professional.

We accept referrals from hospital based departments, community nurses, practice nurses, GPs, nursing homes and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

You can expect a comprehensive foot assessment which may include an advanced arterial assessment. We will discuss and advise on possible treatment options for your foot condition and can arrange referral to other services if necessary.

Your treatment could involve oedema (water retention) management, scalpel debridement, advanced dressings such as larvae therapy or topical negative pressure dressings. Diagnosis of infection with provision of antibiotics and X-ray referral at point of contact. Specialist offloading devices such as below knee casts to aid pressure relief in foot ulcers or Chrcot foot conditions.

We have direct links to Diabetes, Orthopaedic and Vascular consultants with rapid access where required.

We provide supported care plans to community podiatry and district nurses in the above matters and also offer a complex nail surgery service when required.

We can provide domiciliary visits for housebound patients. Please note that every effort should be made for patients to attend a clinic appointment via personal, public, volunteer or ambulance transport. Our interventions are limited in the home environment.


High Risk Foot Team

Dewsnap Lane Clinic

Dewsnap Lane,


SK16 5AW

Tel 0161 366 2160

Tel: 0161 922 4888 (community central booking)

Email: tga-tr.cids@nhs.net