Diatetics and Nutrition

Dietetics and Nutrition - Tameside & Glossop

Welcome to the nutrition and dietetic service. We provide nutritional advice and care for individuals with a wide range of medical conditions. 

About Our Service

We offer individual appointments for nutritional assessment and advice which takes account of your medical condition and personal preferences.

We offer appointments in a range of community health clinics across Tameside and Glossop and can see individuals who are housebound in their own home.

Patients who are in Tameside General Hospital as an inpatient can be referred to a dietitian during their stay.

We also offer a tube feeding service for patients at home.

Our Expertise

Our team includes state registered dietitians and a nutritional nurse.

We use our expert knowledge of medical conditions and nutrition to assess and advise you on the best diet to meet your needs.

We have experts in the following areas:

  • Paediatrics
  • Obesity
  • Swallowing problems
  • Tube feeding
  • Nutritional support for people with poor appetites

How To Use The Service

Community Dietitians

If you are registered with a Tameside and Glossop GP you can request a referral from any health professional. We offer our service to all age groups - babies, children and adults. 

Before your appointment

We offer appointments in a range of clinics on different days. Once you have booked your appointment you will be sent a letter confirming the                          date, location and length of the appointment. If you have any special needs such as an interpreter we can arrange this for you.

If you are housebound the dietitian will contact you to arrange to visit you at home.

During your visit

You will be asked to report to the clinic reception when you arrive. We will discuss the reason for your referral and ask you about your current diet so we can offer you the advice and treatment that best meets your needs.

During your visit it will be agreed whether further appointments are needed.

After your visit

If a further appointment has been agreed you will receive a letter at the relevant time. Following your visit we will write to your Doctor. 

Acute Hospital Dietitians

If you are an inpatient in Tameside General Hospital you can be referred to the dietitians.

After your stay

If you need further dietary help or a review after your discharge from the ward you will be referred to the community dietitians.

Contact Information

Community dieticians - Tel: 0161 366 2346

Acute hospital dieticians - Tel: 0161 331 5164

Opening Times

Community dieticians 

The service is available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Acute hospital dieticians

The service is available Monday – Friday 8:30am- 5:00pm