Community Occupational Therapy Team

Team: ISCAN Community Occupational Therapy Team (COTs)


What do we do?

We undertake assessment of children with significant long term additional needs and the needs of their carer’s.  In particular, we aim to ensure safe access into the home as well as access to toileting, sleeping and washing facilities. This is within the Local Authority's agreed guidelines for provision of equipment and adaptations. We aim to enable optimum independence and advise carers in the provision of care.


Advice and Sign Posting


We advise the young person, their parents / carers and professionals on disability issues including the impact of diagnosis and prognosis on day to day functioning in the home environment. If we are unable to make provision we will attempt to sign post to other relevant services

 Home Safety

Assessment of Need in the Home


We undertake a holistic approach to the assessment process. We take consideration of the family dynamics and the property layout as well as the individual’s functional ability. We aim to promote access to facilities within the home looking in particular at safety, independence and carers’ needs.


New techniques


Adaptations and equipment are not our starting point. Initially we look at advising on alternative methods of completing everyday tasks. This encourages normalisation and the adaptability of the individual to different environments. It promotes independence, learning appropriate behaviours and self-esteem, avoiding dependence upon equipment and adaptations if appropriate.




We assess and may provide equipment to promote safe independence when possible and/or to assist informal carers in their caring role.


Minor Adaptations


These can be inside or outside the property and include grab rails, stairs rail, some small ramps, safety glass and bespoke stair gates (when standard gates have been tried and tested).


Major Adaptations


These are funded by the Statutory Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).


Adaptations have to be based upon assessment of need indicating that the works are “necessary and appropriate” This is the OT’s role. In addition the work has to be “reasonable and practicable”. This is usually the Grant’s Officer or Surveyor’s role. Therefore we have to work closely with the Surveyors in the Housing Department. The grant is used to enable safe access into and within the home with access to toilet, washing, sleeping, living areas and the kitchen.


DFG Waiting Times -There is a high demand on a limited budget accessed by Adult Services as well as Children’s Services. This inevitably leads to a waiting list for provision.




There may be times when we work with the Housing Occupational Therapists to assist families to identify their housing needs and if appropriate to apply to the Disability Housing Register (DHR) to seek rehousing to more suitable accommodation.


Manual Handling


When transfers cannot be safely achieved by the young person and hoisting is assessed as appropriate, we would provide hoisting facilities to assist the carers.


Where are we based and where do we work?

The Community Occupational Therapy team is based at Rowan House in Hyde and we work predominantly in the child’s home.


Who do we work with?


Children aged 0-18 years and their families/carers who live in Tameside. Glossop residents will need to contact the Derbyshire service on: 0845 605 8058


Useful contact information:



Contact Information

ISCAN (Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs), Rowan House, Grange Road South, Hyde, SK14 5NU.

Telephone:  0161 366 2050


Opening Times

We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.  We have an answer machine for you to leave a message outside of these times.