Childrens Nutrition Team

Children's Nutrition Team – Service Overview



Children's Nutrition Team – Service Overview


Welcome to the Children’s Nutrition Team. Our aim is to support families and children to look at their own food and health needs and then provide them with the knowledge and skills needed for them to eat well and feel great.


About Our Service

We offer free community healthy lifestyle courses for children of different ages and their families in Tameside.  We provide a variety of courses and activities aimed at promoting a healthy weight in children and young people in Tameside.

These include:

Jumps 4 Life (5-13) – a 10 week course for children aged 5-13 years who are above a healthy weight.  Families will learn about food, nutrition and be able to take part in a variety of fun activity sessions.

Nutrition and healthy eating training and award schemes for venues catering for children.

We work closely with local schools, children's centres, nurseries and other venues to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  

Cook 4 Life - A practical cooking programme, run over several weeks, to encourage healthy meal changes. These courses are generally run in schools or community venues with children and their families.

Our Expertise

We are a team of nutrition advisors.  We work with children and families on key healthy lifestyle areas including healthy eating, cooking, physical activity, self-esteem. We work in partnership with other services, e.g. health visitors and school nurses, oral health improvement, Tameside Council, schools, children's centres and the early years quality team. 


How To Use The Service

If you live in Tameside you can access our services. If you would like to attend a Jumps 4 Life course you can either:


  • contact the children’s nutrition team or
  • request a referral from any health worker e.g. school nurse, health visitor. 

Other activities run in local schools, children's centres are advertised in these venues when courses are available.

If you are interested in award schemes/ training please contact children’s nutrition team.


Contact Information

Children’s Nutrition Team

Based at Hattersley Clinic, Hattersley.

Tel: 0161 366 3920



Opening Times

Monday – Friday, 8.30am -4.30pm


Available at

Activities take place at children's centres, schools, leisure centres, nurseries, parents and toddler groups, playgroups, playcentres, community centres.