Rowan House

Apprenticeships from a Manager’s Perspective Admin & Clerical Apprenticeship – Community Services – Rowan House


What does your apprentice do?

Megan follows a pre-planned daily work rota taking her turn at all aspects of the admin workload to support the varied services delivered from Rowan House. Some of the services that are operated from Rowan House are children’s physio, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and children’s complex nursing services. Daily tasks can involve making patient appointments on the electronic management system, typing letters and reports, setting up clinics for the clinicians and meeting and greeting visitors and Rowan House service users.

How long did it take for the apprentice to settle in and become a fully functioning part of the team?

Megan quickly adapted and became an integral part of the team and within three months was confident and knowledgeable in having an overview of the requirements of the role. She demonstrated that she was capable and with support and guidance from other team members, was able to answer queries by phone and book appointments along with typing reports and filing.

What values has an apprentice brought to your team?

Megan upholds all of the Trust values and demonstrates care and compassion when dealing with children and their families. Megan is always polite and respectful. She regularly monitors notice boards to ensure that information is appropriate and accurate. Megan has excellent telephone and communication skills when dealing with patients. She shows respect to both colleagues and service users and treats everyone equally. Megan continues to develop and is currently working towards completion of her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration.

Was there any disruption to the work levels?

There was no disruption to the daily office routine as Megan was able to learn at a fast pace and quickly became familiar with processes.

Do you manage them the same as any other member of staff?

Apprentices are managed the same as other Community Admin and Clerical staff following Trust policies, with the exception that guidelines in relation to lone working are followed in accordance with specific apprenticeship guidelines.

What are the benefits to having an apprentice?

Having an Apprentice Clerical Officer in my team also brings skills to other members of the admin team such as being able to mentor, coach and give guidance and support in the workplace. Not only do we gain an additional staff member to share the workload, the workplace also becomes a place of learning for both the apprentice and the other team members.