Hyde apprentice


Apprenticeships from a Manager’s Perspective Admin & Clerical Apprenticeship – Community Services – Hyde Locality



What does your apprentice do?


Vanessa currently works within the Admin & Clerical Service in the Hyde Locality. Since starting her position with the service on 1st November 2016, she has been providing admin support to a wide range of services such as School Health, Health Visiting, Diabetes & High Risk Foot Team, Dietetics, and Continence. Vanessa’s apprenticeship is designed to give her insight in to the whole of Community Services. She supports teams with general admin duties. Vanessa is currently helping the Dietetics team with a discharge and archive project.


How long did it take for the apprentice to settle in and become a fully functioning part of the team?


Vanessa is a valued member of the team and understands instructions quickly. Vanessa appears to be a confident, happy and settled member within our service. She is confident enough to ask for guidance and support.


What values has an apprentice brought to your team?


Everyone counts - Although Vanessa is just starting out in her career journey, she is as valued as every other member of staff.

Respect and dignity - Feedback from staff members has largely consisted of Vanessa showing professionalism, respect and dignity within the services she has covered.


Vanessa is aware of the trusts values and within her work and attitude she practices these.


Was there any disruption to the work levels?


Minimal disruption i.e. when teams demonstrate or explain to her how to complete a task.


Do you manage them the same as any other member of staff?


Vanessa is managed in the same way as any other member of staff but guidance and support is always in place as part of the Apprentice role.


What are the benefits to having an apprentice?


The benefits of an apprentice are that colleagues can share their knowledge and skills to support the apprentice in achieving their goals. It is also a support mechanism for Vanessa working with experienced staff and will enhance Vanessa to gain experience and knowledge that will aid her in applying for further positions within the NHS.