Fundraising Policy


1 The Corporate Trustees (the Trust Board) welcome donations from the public in support of the work of the hospital to the extent that this work cannot be financed from general income and provided that the terms of the donation are not unduly restrictive as to the application of the funds.

2 A general Public Appeal for funds would only be undertaken with the specific agreement of the Corporate Trustees; in relation to a large and particular need; and against an approved targeted protocol.

3 The Corporate Trustees do not approve of Commercial fundraising on their behalf (ie by professional fundraisers or commercial participators who retain a proportion of funds raised).

4 The Corporate Trustees authorise the Director of Finance to approve small scale* fundraising by the following means, subject to prior written agreement, and appropriate Licences having been obtained:

  • Static collections (using collecting boxes).
  • House to house collections (this terms includes visits to public houses etc).
  • Small lotteries, raffles etc, held as part of a public, eg entertainment, event.
  • “Side Stall” type arrangements, eg sale of donated goods, white elephant, tombola etc; held as part of an approved fête (but excluding gaming).
  • Small scale ward/department based activities, designed to appeal to visitors, eg sale of donated items, raffles etc.

NB It is important that steps are taken to ensure so far as is reasonably possible, that all arrangements designed to appeal to the public are undertaken in such a way as to preserve and promote the good name of the Hospital and the Trust and are carried out by persons of good standing.

5 The Corporate Trustees do not approve of any fundraising which might lead to public disapproval or bring the Trust’s name into disrepute. Specifically, the Trust does not approve of direct approaches to individual persons (cold calling); or of raising funds by gaming (eg gaming machines or the offering of cash prizes).

6 The Corporate Trustees will give consideration to individual requests for fundraising for other Charities on the Hospital site. Approval will be given where there is a potential benefit for the patients of Tameside Hospital.


“Small scale” should, unless revised by the Board, be taken to mean fundraising events designed or likely to raise not greater than £10,000 per event or, in the case of a sequence of similar events, not greater than £10,000 in any one year. Where it is intended to raise more than this sum, the arrangements must be agreed in advance by the Board