Employee Health and Well-being

Welcome to the Employee Health and Well-being Area

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the provision of high-quality patient care, delivered in an organisation whose key values are dignity, respect, trust and partnership.

Fundamental to helping deliver high-quality patient care, is ensuring our employees are healthy, happy, and safe. We believe staff who are happy, healthy and safe will consistently deliver high-quality patient care.

Health and Well-being Strategy

We have a duty to ensure we do all we can to create and promote a healthy and positive working environment for our staff. Creating healthy working environments has huge implications for individuals, their families, employers and society as a whole. Work matters - it can help to improve health, reduce health inequalities and offer improved opportunities. As a health organisation we have a duty to do all we can to promote well-being and prevent ill health and injury, not just within our place of work.

We strive to improve the health of our workforce, but also create a culture which supports individuals at times of difficulty by making adjustments, wherever possible, to keep people in work recognizing and valuing the contribution of our diverse workforce.

We actively encourage our staff to make changes, no matter how small, to their lifestyles which can then make a difference to how they think, feel, behave and perform.


Work is a key part of life and can play an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling life. It influences our health choices and can be a force for improving health by improving self-esteem, companionship, the structure of our lives, and status, as well as income.

We have s friendly, comprehensive and accessible Occupational Health Services. At difficult times counseling and support service are available, in addition to health promotion advice and activities, including smoking cessation support and advice on lifestyle.

A healthy workplace is:

  • an environment that supports the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • a place where the way we work is compatible with people's health needs and limitations.
  • a place where health risks are recognised, and controlled if they cannot be removed.
  • a place where employees and employers recognize their responsibility for their health and the health of colleagues.

We want our staff to be happier, healthier and able to deliver high quality, safe patient care.


Striking the right balance between the demands of work and home can improve services and relationships with colleagues, patients and relatives.

It is important you perform well in your role and make the most of education and development opportunities.

We offer flexible working practices to make working here more accessible and attractive, good facilities, staff benefits and supportive employment policies.

We can help meet employees’ needs when their lives change or at times of difficulty.

Happy staff have access to supportive management, regular appraisals and personal development plans and an understanding of where their role fits in to the wider organisation.

Our engaged and motivated workforce are informed and involved in decisions which affect them through communication events, publications and surveys.


All Trust staff should feel safe and secure while at work. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment to ensuring our staff’s physical and psychological safety.

We are committed to ensuring you are trained, equipped and safe to undertake your role through ongoing training, education and professional development and seeking your feedback on your performance and development needs.

Pre-employment checks, induction and ongoing training and development are key to ensuring our staff are clear about their responsibilities and have the skills to deliver them.

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