Ashton apprentice


Apprenticeships from a Manager’s Perspective Admin & Clerical Apprenticeship – Community Services – Ashton Locality


What does your apprentice do?

The apprentices are trained in all aspects of the clerical support role e.g. Processing of internal and external mail, appointment booking, filing, dealing with telephone enquiries, records management, knowledge of data protection, patient confidentiality, health and safety and infection prevention.

They are well supported but with the training package put in place they are a definite asset to the team.


How long did it take for the apprentice to settle in and become a fully functioning part of the team?

The apprentices settle very quickly within the team who are all very supportive and respect their need to ask questions in order to learn and develop. All apprentices learn at different paces and have different strengths but on average I would say at the 9 month mark they are in a good place to start to look for a permanent post.


What values has an apprentice brought to your team?

The apprentices we have had so far have been young so have brought a different dynamic to our team. They have helped staff develop their training skills and from a manager’s perspective, it has been helpful having an additional team member.


Was there any disruption to the work levels?

There has been minor disruption whilst training is given but in my opinion the benefits gained far outweigh this.


Do you manage them the same as any other member of staff?

The apprentices do need a little more time and support but as a manager, I find them well worth investing the extra time in and we have had an excellent success rate. All the apprentices we have trained within the Ashton locality have gone on to gain a career within the NHS.


What are the benefits to having an apprentice?

The apprenticeship scheme gives us the benefit of training a person in new skills. We are able to develop and mould their skills in the areas that best help support the services we provide.

The scheme is also a benefit to existing staff giving them an opportunity of team working and mentoring which expands their own personal development.