Over the past year, we have been setting up and piloting apprenticeships within the trust. This year alone we have grown our apprenticeship scheme from 5 apprentices to over 35!

We have finance apprentices completing an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification. There are apprentices in HR; education and training; booking and scheduling; central booking office and medical secretaries completing business and administration apprenticeships. In clinical areas we have support/auxiliary staff currently doing an apprenticeship in clinical health care support. In all areas that we are piloting, apprenticeships are proving to be very successful.

An apprenticeship is a qualification that you complete whilst in a paid work environment; some can be completed solely in the work place or as a day release from college. The qualification is nationally recognised and can be completed at many different levels. Apprenticeships historically have been seen as something that a school leaver might do instead of going to college; however, this is not true, an apprenticeship is for anybody, no matter of age or previous qualifications. All that’s required is that you are over 16 and willing to complete the programme of study that is related to your job role.

Quick Apprentice Myth Busting Facts

  • Did you know an apprenticeship is not just for new starters, it can be completed by existing members of staff
  • Apprentices are not just 16 year olds, the can be any age above 16!
  • An Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised qualification
  • You are never too busy to look after an apprentice – good planning, support and mentoring in the short term will give you long term benefits, a loyal workers who feel supported and committed to the organisation.
  • If you have a vacant band 1-4 role? Is it a minimum of 16 hours? This could be an apprenticeship!
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