School Award is Food for Thought
18 March 2019

Flowery Field Primary School, Hyde, has received the Food4Life Gold award for its work educating pupils on good practices around nutritious choices and healthy lifestyles. The Food4Life schools award is given to schools that show a whole-school approach to the provision and promotion of healthy food.

Teachers and midday assistants have attended training sessions organised by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Children’s Nutrition Team where they were trained in basic food and nutrition messages, what constitutes a balanced diet, and tips for giving advice to families whose children are above a healthy weight.

Children are able to attend a variety of educational clubs including food and nutrition club, farm club and gardening club. The food produced by the school is used in their cooking club which focuses on healthy meals and recipes from different cultures.

Staff have also spoken to parents about the importance of providing healthy lunches. They have asked them not to send in sweets or cake for birthdays but instead to send non-food alternatives.

Food is no longer given as prizes. Pupils are now rewarded with frog tokens which are collected on a chart and rewarded in assembly.

Donna Yan, a teaching assistant at Flowery Field, said: “The children have enjoyed learning about healthy eating and it’s been very rewarding to see them choosing fruit rather than sweets. The changes we have made have been readily accepted by the youngsters and their parents.”

Cllr Leanne Feeley, Tameside Council’s executive member for lifelong learning, added: “The food served in schools is of the greatest importance. It is vital it meet nutritional needs so that children can develop properly. Growing into healthy adults is clearly better for them and, in time, will reduce pressure on the NHS.

“Flowery Field Primary School has set a first-class example to Tameside and, indeed, the whole of the country. I look forward to others following it.”

For more information contact the Children’s Nutrition Team on 0161 366 2351 or email