Our latest Christmas Song is now live
19 December 2018

As many will know, every year we record a Christmas music video with colleagues at the Trust and patients out in our community. This year's offering is a remix of Band Aid - Do They Know it's Christmas - but we've changed the words again and re-recorded the music. 

Once again, many members of our staff got involved as well as our friends and pupils at Cromwell High School in Dukinfield. 

This year's song, whilst fun, has a serious message. Over indulgence at Christmastime is very tempting, so this tune reminds the listener to enjoy the festivities, but remain mindful that too mush Christmas pudding and chocolates can leave you feeling a bit rubbish. It's also a nudge to get up and get active. 

Give it a listed here on YouTube and if you like it, let us know, even if you don't, we'd still like to know. 

Thanks to Clarendon College, who, once again, shot and produced the music video for us!