Conflicts of Interest

Registering Conflicts of Interest

As part of the NHS, the Trust complies with the guidance issued by NHS England, Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS. The Trust has agreed to comply with this guidance as part of its obligations under the NHS Standard Contract, including the obligation to procure that its staff, officers and others working for it declare all relevant interests and any conflicts are positively and pro-actively managed.

The guidance includes a requirement to keep a Register of Interests, recording the interests declared by staff. Entries may be withheld from the published register in specific circumstances, where there is either an over-riding privacy interest or a legal requirement to prevent the entry being published.

The Trust uses a dedicated system to record entries and publish the Register. The Trust’s register can be accessed here.

Manual Declarations for 2019-2020

Any queries about incomplete entries on the Register, including any concerns that relevant interests have not been declared by staff, should be submitted to the Trust Secretary at They will be investigated and actioned in accordance with Trust policy, which reflects the requirements of the national guidance.