Scanner Appeal

Building our new scanner, piece by piece 

In late 2019, we launched an ambitious campaign to raise £1 million pounds for a new scanner - an urgent piece of equipment needed by the Trust to help to continue to deliver outstanding services for our local population. 
Why is it so urgent?
Well, medical imaging plays a vital role in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients and is key to rapid treatment in emergency situations. Doctors and other health professionals at the Trust say that CT scanning is vital in the prevention, detection and treatment of many illnesses and diseases.
Through this Appeal the Trust aims to significantly improve the experience for local people who have a wide range of conditions. The Trust already has a CT scanner, which is in constant use, and need a second modern and more up to date machine to cope with the growing health needs of the people of Tameside and Glossop.
Who is supporting the campaign? 
The Appeal has been launched in partnership and with the full support of the Tameside Reporter, Tameside Radio and the Glossop Chronicle. They are helping to reach out to the local community – to schools, pubs, churches, companies and charities – and already many have promised their help
How do you donate? 
You can support the Appeal by buying a pin badge for £2 from one of the many collection points across the Trust and across some local supportive businesses.  You can also give directly to the Appeal via the just giving website: