What We Spend

What We Spend and How We Spend It

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

By far the majority of the Trust’s income is received from Primary Care Trusts which fund the provision of patient care services to patients registered with GPs within their area. The Trust also receives income from providing accommodation and services to other NHS bodies and from non- clinical charges such as car parking, staff restaurant receipts etc.

The Trust is required each year to meet operational/service targets, e.g. in relation to waiting lists, cancer treatment times, and quality standards. The Trust is required to budget to meet these targets and standards within the available income. Income from Primary Care Trusts increases each year by an amount which is generally approximately 1% less than inflation and other known cost increases. The Trust (in common with other Hospital Trusts), is thereby required to make annual efficiency savings of at least 1%.

Financial Management

The Standing Financial Instructions of the Trust require the Director of Finance to prepare an annual budget for approval by the Board and to monitor financial performance against the budget, and report to the Board.

The Standing Financial Instructions also require the Director of Finance to prepare annual accounts for external audit and publication.

Financial Targets

In accordance with the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, all NHS Trusts are required to maintain expenditure within income, i.e. to “break even”. Under the Act, the Secretary of State for Health is also empowered to set other financial targets. These currently include the External Financing Limit; the Capital Resource Limit; and the Capital Cost Absorption Rate. A summary of the Trust’s performance (and accounts) against its targets is reported annually in the Annual Report.

Purchasing and procurement

Purchasing and procurement of supplies, items of equipment and goods and services is the responsibility of the Supplies Department, which is part of the Finance and Procurement Directorate. The department is also responsible for the management of the stores and goods receipt function.

Our purpose of is to enable the Trust to obtain the best value for money for goods and services, provide assistance and guidance on supply-related matters and to provide departments within the Trust with the highest standards of customer care.

The Supplies Department also provides a Purchasing and Procurement Service to: -

  • Pennine Care NHS Trust
  • Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust
  • Oldham Primary Care Trust

Wherever possible the Trust uses the NHS Standard Terms and Conditions as published by the NHS Procurement and Supply Agency (PASA).

The following reports can be found at the back of the Trust's annual report:-

  • Budgets and variance reports
  • Financial audit reports
  • Standing financial instructions
  • Capital programme
  • Staff and Board members' allowances and expenses
    Details of the allowances and expenses that can be incurred or claimed.
  • Staff pay and grading structures
  • Funding
  • Procurement and tendering procedures
  • Details of contracts currently being tendered
  • List and value of contracts awarded and their value
    this information is available on request by contacting FOI@tgh.nhs.uk or telephoning 922 6936. Please state that you have seen the publication scheme.
  • Transparency Files - Expenditure over £25K

Publication of Expenditure Over £25k

In line with Government commitment to greater transparency of public bodies, all NHS bodies are required to publish details of expenditure (individual invoices, grant payments, expense payment or other such transactions) that are over £25,000 on a monthly basis. New files will be added mid month for the previous month.

The files are available to view or download at: http://data.gov.uk/dataset/financial-transactions-data-tameside-hospital-nhs-foundation-trust

The full guidance from the Treasury is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/requirement-for-nhs-organisations-to-publish-expenditure-over-25-000.