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      • After Discharge from Critical Care
        Information for patients being discharged from Critical Care on what to expect when they go to the ward environment, Any physical or psychological issues they may experience. A guidline for rehabiliation post Critical Care discharge..
      • Patient Controlled Analgesia (Parent/Carer)
        This leaflet is aimed at parents of children who would benefit from using Patient Controlled Analgesia systems to help control their pain...





        Obs & Gynae


        Paediatrics - General

        Paediatrics - Neonatal



          • Barium Meal / Swallow
            Radiology dept. info re:barium meal/swallow examination of the gullet and stomach..
          • Barium Meal and Follow Through
            radiology info re:examination of the stomach and small intestine..
          • Bone Scan
            Patient information re: nuclear medicine bone scan..
          • Breast Marker Clip
            Procedure to leave a small marker at a breast biopsy site...
          • BreastStereotactic biopsy
            radiology info re: stereotactic core biopsy of breast tissue..
          • Colonic Transit Study
            Xray examination to assess how quickly food passes through the digestive system..
          • Core Biopsy of the Breast/Axilla
            Biopsy of the breast/axilla..
          • CT Scan
            radiology info re:CTscan..
          • Cystogram
            xray examination of the urinary tract(kidneys and bladder) using xray dye..
          • Cystogram(child)
            xray examination of the urinary tract(kidneys and bkladder) using xray dye..
          • DMSA Scan
            Patient onformation re: nuclear medicine DMSA scan..
          • DMSA Scan Adult
            Patient onformation re: nuclear medicine DMSA scan..
          • Hidascan
            nuclear medicine info re:HIDA(liver) scan..
            Xray examination to show the womb and fallopian tubes..
          • Image Guided Liver Biopsy
            Biopsy of liver tissue using image guidance...
          • Liver Scan
            patient information re: nuclear medicine liver scan..
          • loopogram
            Xray examination to visualise the loop of bowel which has been used to substitute the urinary bladder...
          • Lung Biopsy
            radiology info re:CTguided lung biopsy..
          • Lung Scan
            patient information re: nuclear medicine lung scan..
          • Mammogram
            radiology info re: mammogram (breast xray)..
          • Meckels Scan
            patient info re: nuclear medicine meckels (abdominal) scan..
          • MRI Scan
            radiology info re:magnetic resonance (MR) scan..
          • MUGA Scan
            nuclear medicine info re:MUGA scan of the heart..
          • Parathyroid Scan
            patient information re: nuclear medicine parathyroid scan..
          • Proctogram
            An xray examination to assess the muscles and nerves which allow you to control your bowels..
          • Red Cell Scan
            patient information re: nuclear medicine red cell scan..
          • Renogram
            nuclear medicine info re: scan of the kidneys and bladder..
          • Renogram (child)
            patient information re:nuclear medicine paediatric renogram..
          • Sialogram
            radiology info re: sialogram xray of the salivary glands..
          • Small Bowel Enema
            radiology info re: xray of the small bowel (intestine)..
          • Stereotactic Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy
            Breast biopsy using imaging and light suction to obtain tissue..
          • Thyroid Scan
            patient information re: nuclear medicine thyroid scan..
          • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan
            Information and consent form for a Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan...
          • Ultrasound Scan
            patient information leaflet re:general (excluding obstetric) ultrasound scan for adult..
          • Ultrasound scan for children
            patient information leaflet re: ultrasound scan for children..
          • urethrogram
            Xray test of the urethra, the tube that passes from the bladder through the penis when urine is passed...
          • Vascular stenting
            Xray procedure to open a blocked or narrowed artery..
          • water soluble enema
            xray examination of the large bowel to help to diagnose disease or to check after surgery..
          • White Cell Scan
            nuclear medicine info re:white cell scan to detect inflammation or infection in the body..


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