Our Documents & Reports

Our Documents and Reports

As a Foundation Trust, we are required to produce a series of documents on an annual basis. These documents range from our Annual Reports and Accounts to our Complaints Report for any given year. You can view the most recent reports and also reports from previous years by selecting the appropriate page on the navigation menu. 

Declaring any conflicting interests

As a part of the public service, the Trust is required to ensure that it takes decisions in the public interest, and are not influenced inappropriately by individual’s involvement in other organisations or relationships. At the request of the Secretary of State, NHS England has published national guidance for all providers of NHS services about what is and is not acceptable.

The guidance also requires all NHS providers to maintain a Register of Interests for all of its staff, officers, volunteers and others working with it to provide services. This is to provide public confidence and transparency, that decisions are in fact being taken in the public interest by ensuring all relevant other interests are known about and managed appropriately.

We would encourage and remind colleagues to declare all of their relevant interests in line with the NHS England guidance, which has been adopted as Trust policy. You should also note that the national guidance asks that changes are recorded as quickly as possible, and in any event within 28 days of the change. There is an on-line system for declarations, which makes it easy and quick to comply with your obligations.

  • The NHS England guidance, setting out what should be declared, can be seen here. The NHS England web-site also has some ‘question and answer’ documents for reference.
  • To get your personal log-in for the declaration system, please contact Deborah McDonald by e-mail at Deborah.McDonald@tgh.nhs.uk
  • If you have a query or uncertainty if something should be declared, please ask Steve Parsons, the Trust Secretary- call extension 6007 or e-mail Steve.Parsons@tgh.nhs.uk
  • Colleagues who work across several Trusts, or also work for a CCG, should check that they have made the appropriate declarations to those organisations as well. Declarations are required to each organisation you work with.