About us

Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Hartshead Main entrance stoneTameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was established on 1 February 2008. Previously, the Trust had operated as Tameside and Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust since 1994.

The Trust operates from the Tameside General Hospital site, which is situated in Ashton–under-Lyne. The hospital services a population of approximately 250,000 residing in the surrounding area of Tameside in Greater Manchester, and the town of Glossop in Derbyshire.

Employing approximately 2,400 staff, the hospital provides the wide array of services one would associate with a general hospital. These services include general and specialist medicine, general and specialist surgery and full Consultant led obstetric and paediatric hospital services for women, children and babies.

Foundation Trusts are still part of the NHS and subject to rigorous inspections, but patients, staff and local residents have a greater say.

Our membership of over 20, 000 public members and 2,394 staff members are the driving force behind our Foundation Trust.

If you are interested in the future of your hospital and how it is run, visit the Foundation Trust Members' Area

Our Mission

Our mission statement is “At Tameside Hospital ‘ Everyone Matters.’ Our aim is to deliver , with our partners, safe, effective and personal care, which you can trust.

Corporate Objectives

The corporate objectives approved by the Trust Board for 2016/17 are:

  • This year we have also included measurable outcomes and outputs, which makes it clear to see if we have achieved an objective.


    1. To ensure all patients and service users receive harm free care through the delivery of the Trust’s patient and service user safety programme across all hospital and community services.


    1. To improve the quality of patient and service user care through the implementation of the Trust’s agreed quality strategy across all hospital and community services.


    1. To improve patient and service user experience through a personalised, integrated, responsive, compassionate and caring approach to the delivery of care.


    1. To facilitate the transfer of Community Services and the development of the Community Integration Plans to support the systems integration strategy.


    1. To work with local communities, our partners and stakeholders to develop a new model of integrated care, central to our five year Sustainability and Transformation Plan, in which the people of Tameside and Glossop will be supported:


    • to prevent ill-health and live healthy, independent lives wherever possible;


    • to manage any ongoing health conditions more effectively in their own homes and communities;


    • to get easy access to joined-up services in the most appropriate location.


    1. To deliver against the required local and national regulatory frameworks, as part of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution, securing the best economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources the Trust spends to deliver services both directly and through partner organisations.
    For more details read our corporate objectives document (pdf)

Brief guide to Tameside Hospital's history

Darnton BuildingTameside Hospital has been around in one form or another since its establishment around the old Darnton Building in 1861 by founders Samuel Oldham and Henry Darnton.

Oldham's stated intention in founding Ashton District Infirmary was to create an institution "for the relief and cure of sick and indigent persons resident, employed, or having been employed within 3 ½ miles of Ashton Town Hall." After its formation a separate workhouse was built nearby, the head building of which was Fountain House.

Upon the formation of the National Health Service in 1948, the old hospital joined with the buildings of the old workhouse (by then, thankfully, closed down) to form the new Ashton-under-Lyne General Hospital, now dedicated to fulfilling the NHS's ideals of providing healthcare to all, regardless of ability to pay. It has continued with this invaluable role ever since, and carries on today.

The hospital changed its name to Tameside General Hospital in 1976, and over the following decades new buildings were built to provide better standards of care for all the people of the surrounding towns of Tameside and Glossop, with the main centre of care shifting from the Darnton Building to the Hartshead Building.

In 2008 the hospital gained Foundation Trust status. With the HIT project over the past few years, the site has once again evolved to meet the needs of local people.

Our Values and Behaviours

We are now on a journey to become a hospital that consistently delivers high standards of care to all our patients. Working with our staff and with input from our patients, we have developed a new set of values and behaviours to guide us through our improvement journey.

Please visit Our Values page to read more.