Trust celebrates LGBT history month
20 February 2019

This month it is LGBT history month which has been created to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public. As part of our values and behaviours, we believe that healthcare services should respond to the diverse requirements of everyone we serve in Tameside and Glossop and beyond. We are committed to improving the health of our local population and reducing inequalities in providing healthcare and this month we have been proudly flying the rainbow flag at the hospital.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face a number of health inequalities.  Experiencing lower levels of mental health, being more likely to feel lonely in older years, and feeling less able to participate in physical activity are just some of the ways LGBT people be disadvantaged.  Local support for LGBT people comes in many forms, including specialist services, peer support groups, and initiatives like Pride in Practice, where GPs have worked towards an accreditation to show they understand the specific needs of LGBT patients.  Click here to read this month’s Picture of Health and understand more.

Our five year strategy involves working together with our health and care partners to improve health outcomes. Amongst other things, this means giving people better knowledge and control of their own health needs and providing high quality of care in whichever setting is most appropriate whether in peoples own homes, in community healthcare settings, or through our hospital provided services. We will only be able to achieve this by ensuring equality of access for all groups, whilst also being able to respond to the diverse needs of our community.

This year, Tameside will be making its very own history, with the first ever Tameside Pride event planning for 6th and 7th July.