Trust surges past research target
12 February 2019

Great news, our research department have surpassed their 2018/19 recruitment target, well ahead of the end of the financial year (March ’19). The NIHR Clinical Research Network set us a recruitment target of 401 and to date 671 patients have consented to a research study in 2018/19. This is fantastic news for our local residents and our patients. This exciting news demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to continually improving the way we treat and care for our patients across a whole range of conditions.

To date, we have 126 patients participating in anaesthesia research; 264 participating in cancer research and 36 patients participating in cardiovascular research. We’ve also got a number of patients participating in a range of other studies across a various disciplines.

Congratulations to all research active teams at the Trust and a huge thanks to our patients and local population who are contributing to this continual improvement.