Hundreds of local people gather in Denton to take action against type 2 diabetes
17 January 2019

The event, which took place at Denton Festival Hall, was organised by local GP, Asad Ali with a view to speaking directly to local people in Denton most at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The invite only event which took place on Wednesday 9 January opened with Dr Asad thanking over 100 Denton residents for their response to his call to action. Dr Asad then went on to describe the crisis within local communities and how type 2 diabetes is becoming a real risk for many people.

Speaking about the event Dr Asad Ali who is also a clinical director for Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS FT said: “I was delighted to see that some many local Denton people wanted to make a difference to their lives. When we sent out the invite to the event, I never expected a response like this. It just shows that people actually want to make a difference and change their situation if they can.”

The event also included a presentation from Sandra Roycroft-Davies, the founder of Slimpod which is a Neuro Linguistic Programme based weight-loss app recently tried to great effect at Tameside Hospital.

Sandra added: “it’s fantastic to see so many people come together with a common goal. The fact we had so many people attend the event tells me that the people of Denton really want to make a change and hopefully we can help them do that.

“2019 is a new year and that can sometimes be enough to give people that extra encouragement to take that first step to a healthier life”.

The event was the first part of a programme which will offer participants the free use of the Slimpod app. The results of the programme will be monitored over the weeks and months ahead and reported back in due course.