The Knowledge Exchange - 2017
06 February 2017

The Knowledge Exchange was set up to bring together colleagues from primary and secondary care as an opportunity to share learning about management of care across a range of conditions and to explore how this can be improved by working together. The first session has been very well received and we are now in a position to release bookings for events in 2017.

Each session will focus on a different condition and will provide an opportunity to learn, share cases and provide discussion. It will enable colleagues to build relationships that support them in their day to day work.


Each session is between 6.30pm and 9pm and supper will be provided 

Please follow the links below to book your place on the events you are interested in.



18th Jan           Diabetes                  

15th Feb           Cardiology

15th Mar          Extensivists

12th Apr           Respiratory

17th May          Straight to test

14th Jun           Acute Medicine