Resident's Survey
24 November 2016

Residents’ survey By Dr Richard Bircher, GP Member and Clinical Lead for Long Term Conditions and IM&T

There are going to be some changes in the way our local NHS computer systems are set up.  We want your opinion about how best to arrange these systems so that your care and confidentially are safely co-ordinated and protected.

Our community nurse and therapy teams are made up of district nurses, Macmillan nurses, podiatrists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and a whole host of other small specialist teams.  

They are all NHS employees and see many people, often with complex conditions, in community settings, including the person’s own home if possible. 

These teams are going to begin using a new computer system called ‘EMIS Community’ from early 2017.  All but one of our GP surgeries use an almost identical system called EMIS.

These systems can talk easily to each other, and it will be possible for GPs and the community teams to always know what each other are doing.  

To do this, the systems would need to share confidential medical information including; your medication, your blood test results and things which affect your health now or in the past.

Before we make any changes to the systems we want to get your opinion about how much of your information should be shared and how we should be sharing it. This is crucial in ensuring we can provide you with the very best health care.

It only takes a minute to complete.  Link to survey