Chris Hewitt publishes his first book for kids - Saving Christmas
19 October 2016

Chris Hewitt works in the stores distribution team at Tameside Hospital, but in his spare time he writes. In fact he’s been writing for as long as he can remember…

Now he’s hoping that his debut children’s novel  - an adventure of magic, mayhem and cheese and onion crisps! – will prove a hit with youngsters this Christmas.

Chris (34) and from Audenshaw, is a man brimming with ideas and the storyline for his book, Saving Christmas, centres on 10-year Sophie Owen, a reluctant Santa impersonator and a wise-cracking reindeer who take on Mr Davis, a baddie magician who wants to make sure Christmas never happens again.

This might be Chris’s first children’s novel but hundreds of readers regularly follow his spoof blog themanchesterinsider, which is a satirical and humorous view of Manchester and the topical issues of the day. In fact more than a million people read his “cautionary warning” that Nandos would close all its UK restaurants immediately post Brexit and that “Mancunians in particular had been queuing for hours in the hope of stockpiling some of its most popular chicken dishes”.

Chris, who went to Audenshaw School, says of all the subjects it was English that inspired him the most. “I love to read, and the books by Anthony Horowitz and Roald Dahl were always great favourites when I was growing up. I have lots of ideas for future novels and I can only hope that one-day children will be reading and enjoying my work. How brilliant would that be!”

Tameside Hospital’s Chief Executive Karen James, says everyone who works with Chris is rooting for him and hoping his book will be a great success. “ He clearly has a great way with words and his book is pitched with just the right amount of humour and fun that children love.”

Saving Christmas was only self-published at the beginning of October but already it’s getting great reviews. It retails at just £4.59 for paperback and £1.99 for the Kindle edition, and various prices on other ereaders which makes it the ideal stocking filler this Christmas.

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Twitter: @Chewrantula or Instagram: @chew_fandango.