Nurse Wendy Hadfield the holiday hero
12 September 2016

Wendy (39) and from Mossley, was on holiday with her family in Majorca when an elderly lady spotted a young child in trouble in the pool and shouted for help.

Wendy raced over and could immediately tell something was seriously wrong as the child had no pulse. Eyewitnesses said that working as a team with the pool lifeguard Wendy started CPR and mouth to mouth, all the time feeling for a pulse. They continued for four or five cycles and eventually Wendy got a pulse back and placed the boy on his side. The paramedics arrived and when they gave him oxygen he started to cry.

At this point everyone around the pool was cheering and applauding.

Wendy, who is a Sister on the hospital’s Critical Care Unit, continued her family holiday, and the little boy who lives in Surrey was soon fully recovered from his ordeal, happy to splash around again in the pool by the end of the week.

Tameside Hospital’s Chief Executive Karen James – herself a trained nurse - has applauded Wendy’s quick thinking and professionalism, and believes from what she has been told the boy would have probably died if not for her actions.

“We want Wendy to know just how proud we are of her. She won’t like the fuss because she’s not that type of person. But a result of her actions a little old boy is alive today, and a family have not been robbed of their precious child.”