If in Doubt.........Speak Out
05 March 2015

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce its brand new campaign focused on giving colleagues at Tameside Hospital the confidence to speak out if they are in doubt about any aspect of their role, treatment of patients or any other concern that they might have.

At Tameside Hospital, we want to create an environment where our colleagues feel empowered and confident to speak openly, and to do this safe in the knowledge that their concerns are taken seriously and said without fear of retribution. It’s important that if staff have worries or concerns that they are provided with the right environment to express themselves. The ‘If in Doubt…Speak Out’ campaign is a very simple four step process that reinforces the simplicity of raising issues.

Karen James, chief executive, had this to say about the campaign: “the policy that we have for raising concerns at work is very straightforward, but we felt that colleagues might benefit from a reminder about what the need to do if they have any worries. The ‘If in Doubt…Speak Out’ campaign is a really effective way of bringing the policy to life and reminding colleagues how simple it is.

Amanda Bromley, director of human resources, added: “We want to listen to concerns and we want to be able to address issues raised, it's important to us that staff, have the confidence to do this so we can continue to improve the safety, quality and staff/patient experience. We think this campaign will help do that and the feedback we’ve received so far has been really positive.

To launch the campaign members of the executive team will be touring the hospitals wards and departments asking colleagues to sign a ‘pledge scroll’. Colleagues will then be presented with an ‘If in Doubt…Speak Out sticker which shows they’ve signed up to speak out if they are in doubt.

The four steps:

  1. See if it (the issue) can be sorted out there and then
  2. If it (the issue) can’t be sorted out there and then, colleagues are asked to raise it with their line managers
  3. If this doesn’t work, colleagues are asked to write to an executive director with their concerns
  4. And if that doesn’t help, colleagues are asked to write to the chief executive who will look into the issue personally. 


For more information, please contact the Communications & Engagement Department on 0161 922 4905 or email communication@tgh.nhs.uk

About Tameside Hospital

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