Tameside Hospital launch ground breaking infection prevention campaign
21 January 2015


Hospital acquired infections remain an issue at hospitals up and down the country. Incidents of MRSA and C.diff, amongst other infections, occur weekly. Much has been done in recent years to publicise how we can reduce the numbers of infections at hospitals; however, newly acquired infections are still an issue and we must continue to look for effective ways to reduce them.

Tameside Hospital has just launched an eye-catching and ground-breaking new campaign to remind staff and visitors about the part they play in reducing infections. The campaign is based on the 1980’s video game Space Invaders; however, the name has been changed to read Space Infectors. The marketing for the campaign shows cartoons of various bugs including MRSA, C.diff and E.coli. with a simple message, that we’re on the frontline against the fight against infection and we can succeed by following basic hygiene steps. 

Keeping with the 1980’s theme for the launch event, the hospital will be photographing staff and visitors with a retro Polaroid instant camera which people then sign, this is known as a Bug Shot. The signed Bug Shot is then stuck on a giant Bug Board with an image of one of the three cartoon bugs displayed in the centre – the name of the game is to get everybody to have their Bug Shot and wipe out the bugs with their signed photo pledges.

John Goodenough, director of nursing at the Trust said: “Every hospital has to do its utmost to ensure that patients do not develop avoidable infections whilst they’re an in-patient. We can all do this by following simple rules about hygiene and clean environments. We decided that we wanted to do something that was fun, but to get a serious message across about the various infections and the impact they have on our patients. We think that the Space Infectors campaign is excellent as it’s eye-catching, fun, but straight to the point. We want people to see the marketing and remember the serious message that infections can be prevented if basic rules are followed.”

Karen James, chief executive, added: “We wanted to do something a little different which captures people’s imagination. The campaign is very unique from usual infection prevention campaigns, as it really grabs your attention, and many people will recognise the designs from the 1980’s video game. Once we’ve got people’s attention, it’s then easy to remind them what basic steps they should follow to help us reduce hospital acquired.”


The campaign is set to run throughout 2015.