Celebrate safely this festive season
19 December 2014

With the Christmas party season here and New Year Eve’s quickly following Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are reminding people to celebrate safely over the coming month!

As part of its winter campaign, “Right Treatment Right Place”, the CCG want people to be aware of how they can help themselves enjoy any upcoming events:

If you are drinking alcohol drink safely;

  • alternate between alcoholic and water or soft drinks
  • try not to drink on an empty stomach; eat something before you start
  • Men should not regularly consume more than three to four units (about two pints of lager)
  • Women should not regularly consume more than two to three units (about two small glasses of wine
  • If you plan to drive the safest option is not to drink any alcohol at all.

“Most people know binge drinking is bad for you...but many people still do it”

Dr Alan Dow, Glossop GP and CCG Chair, said:

“Most people know that binge drinking is bad; bad for your health, bad for your weight and sometimes bad for your behaviour but many people still do it, especially at this time of year. But it’s not only excessive drinking that can cause problems, whether it’s a festive tipple or an extra pint to get you through a Christmas party our bodies don’t understand the excuse ‘It’s Christmas’.

“It takes about an hour for your body to process each unit of alcohol. Make sure you know how many units you are consuming so that a merry Christmas doesn’t become a messy Christmas!”

It’s not just alcohol you need to be safe with; unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can be the result if you aren’t properly prepared and other accidents and injuries are also possible. On you night out...

  • Make sure you take contraception
  • Make sure you phone is fully charged and has all the number you need
  • Make sure you stay with friends and family so you all get home safely


For more information about celebrating safely please contact your GP practice or visit www.tamesideandglossopccg.org or www.nhs.uk.