Know where to get your medication over the bank holidays
19 December 2014

Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are urging local people to know where to get the right treatment in the right place over the upcoming bank holidays.

Like many of us some pharmacy staff will be enjoying the Christmas and New Year bank holidays away from work so it’s important you know which pharmacy services are open on those days, especially if you’ve run out of prescription medication.

Dr Richard Bircher, local GP and the CCG’s lead for Urgent Care, said:

“If you take regular medication please make sure that you have ordered your prescriptions in advance of the bank holidays so you aren’t at risk of running out, but in case you do, or you need any other pharmacy service, it’s important to know which pharmacies are open on the bank holidays.

“Pharmacies aren’t just the place to pick up some cough medicine or extra plasters; you can get excellent medical advice there which is especially handy if your GP surgery is shut on those days. They’ll also be able to help you access other medical services if you need them.”

Details of which pharmacies are open across Tameside over the bank holidays can be found via a link under the news section on the CCG website. 

For more information about ordering prescriptions, what to keep you in your medicine cabinet and getting the right treatment in the right place go to your GP practice website, the CCG’s website or

You can also join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #rightplace and #earlyadvice and following @TGCCG