Tameside Hospital launches new Online Outpatient Cancellation Form
11 November 2014

Patients not turning up for appointments without any prior notice costs the NHS on average £162M a year. These are called “Did Not Attends” or DNAs and are an issue for every hospital. As part of improving and saving, Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has recently created an online cancellation form to provide a new alternative route to contact the hospital.

The decision for an online form was in response to patient’s needs and lifestyles in offering a quick and simple online solution. The new form is easily accessible providing patients with an innovative approach to informing the hospital about cancelling their appointments. Prior warning of a cancellation enables the hospital to use that time more productively with another patient.

This has proven successful at a number of other organisations and has been encouraged by NHS England. The online form will be used alongside the hospitals existing text and call reminder service, so that patients have more options in easily communicating with the hospital before their visit. Those who use the new online service can either cancel their appointment or they have the option of booking an alternative appointment date. The request is then sent to the booking office, who will t call to re-arrange a more convenient date.

The outpatient online cancellation form can be found at: http://www.tamesidehospital.nhs.uk/outpatient-appt-cancelation-form.htm