Tameside Hospital Statement - John Williams incident in 2012
28 July 2014

Tameside Hospital Statement

The Trust unreservedly apologises to the family of Brian Williams regarding the clinical care issues experienced in 2012. The matter has been subject to investigation and liaison with the family including their legal representatives. Since this incident in 2012 there have been significant changes in regard to End of life Care practice in the Trust.

In the most recent review the CQC acknowledged Tameside Hospital’s good practice in end of life care.

The Trust has since improved practice by appointing an end of life care facilitator who works with other staff and external agencies to implement best practice, improve care on the wards and facilitate rapid discharge.

We are very keen to stress that this incident happened in 2012 and since then Tameside hospital has transformed dramatically. Our mission is to work with colleagues, patients, carers and the wider public to ensure that at our Hospital, Everybody Matters.