Keeping people safe at Tameside Hospital
30 April 2014

Interim Chief Executive Karen James with nursing colleagues 

At Tameside Hospital our mission is to deliver, with our partners, safe, effective and personal care, which you can trust. We are on a journey to become one of the best healthcare providers in Greater Manchester and continuously improve the services we provide.

We have recently launched our new values so we consistently deliver high standard of care to all patients. These are:


•           We provide a clean safe environment for everyone

•           We take responsibility in everything we do

•           We challenge and respond to improve quality for everyone


•           We are caring and compassionate.

•           We offer and show comfort, support and understanding.

•           We involve patients and their relatives in their care

•           We care about staff and their welfare.

•           We respect privacy and confidentiality at all times.


•           We promote and encourage learning

•           We motivate ourselves and develop others

•           We recognised and celebrate achievements

•           We learn and develop from incidents, complaints and complements received.


•           We recognise and value and respect everyone around us

•           We treat everyone with dignity and kindness

•           We are polite and professional


•           We actively listen to our patients, their relatives, carers and our colleagues

•           We are honest and open

•           We encourage and welcome feedback

An important element of delivering our values is our Safeguarding work.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is about protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights.  It enables people to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. It is fundamental to creating high-quality health and social care.

We have been coordinating our safeguarding work to make sure that everyone – particularly the unborn, young and vulnerable adults including the frail and elderly - have a right to be safe and protected from harm.

Training programmes to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding are in place at your hospital.  This strategy has been implemented to support staff in recognising and maintaining their knowledge and competence around their responsibilities to protect the unborn, children and vulnerable adult.   

Interim Chief Executive, Karen James explains: “Every case is different. For example, with vulnerable adults, there are many ways that liberty can be taken away in a hospital or care home. So, we are working with our colleagues and partner agencies to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and professional duties.” 

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Our Adult Safeguarding office has been promoting a new way of thinking which aims to empower staff to challenge existing practice, to report any form of abuse or harm and to have the courage to question and check out concerns. Two new members have recently joined the Adult Safeguarding team to offer hands - on practical support and advice. Next month, a dedicated Dementia Nurse will be joining the Trust to help colleagues better understand the needs and care of these vulnerable patients, especially those who lack capacity to make choices.

New guidance and new policies have been introduced to help staff better understand what is acceptable practice, and practical advice has been given to address complex situations and circumstances which are often contributory factors in safeguarding matters. 

We have implemented sensitive and patient focused guidance on chaperoning patients in certain sensitive circumstances, by suggesting how a close relative or friend - or even a member of staff - might chaperone those people who find the process embarrassing or intimidating.

Similarly, we are capturing the views of people with learning disabilities to make sure that they are given the practical support, kindness and time to have things explained thoroughly. This is proving to be a useful way of securing patient stories and their experiences of the hospital and the services it provides.

Safeguarding of Children

We also have a duty to protect and safeguard all children who come into hospital. This means promoting their welfare and working closely with different agencies to ensure their safety, whilst they are with us and when they are discharged.  National policies are in place that the Tameside hospital adheres to and these guide us on how to promote the welfare and safety of the children who come into our care.   

Our Safeguarding Children Team comprises a Named Doctor, Named Nurse, Specialist Practitioners and Administration Support.  The Team provide specialist advice, guidance and supervision to staff across the Trust and delivers a specialist, robust training programme. Standards and commitment to the Safeguarding of Children within the hospital has been formally recognised by external bodies.

Safeguarding of the Unborn

The Maternity Unit has a Named Midwife for Safeguarding/Specialist Midwife for vulnerable families, Specialist Midwife for young parents and a Specialist Enhanced Midwifery Team.  The service has developed strong multi-agency relationships to aid care with a holistic foundation and provides training to internal members of staff along with external members of the multi-agency team. The work and care provided within the Maternity Unit has been highlighted nationally by external bodies. There is a strong and on-going commitment within maternity to continue to work in partnership with our stakeholders on the important safeguarding agenda.

Tameside Hospital has very high expectations of all our staff in ensuring that people using our services are protected from any form of harm and abuse. Subsequently, all individuals working within the hospital, irrespective of role or employment status, have a duty to safeguard the unborn, children and vulnerable adults.