Tameside Listens
21 March 2014

In the summer we launched Tameside Listens to hear what our patients, visitors and you – the wider community of Tameside – thought of your hospital. We invited your suggestions and ideas and we promised to listen and respond. We had over 500 messages and I wanted to share with you the most popular themes, and the actions we have taken, as I promised.

We have been able to group them into fifteen recurring topics. Some were easily solvable and we have dealt with those. Others are longer term actions and with these we are making good progress. I have tried to explain in this simple table below how Tameside Hospital is working hard for you to bring about change for the better.  I see this as just the beginning of a conversation this hospital has with the community it serves and I would welcome any further suggestions you may have to help me and the team continue to improve the care and quality of the services we provide for you.  If you do have any comments or suggestions please write to us or send an email to communication@tgh.nhs.uk




You said….



We listened – and did (or are doing)

Improve waiting times

Our service improvement teams continue working with theatre staff and Outpatient colleagues to further reduce the time you wait for treatment

Review cleanliness and Infection control procedures

We have introduced constant reviews of the way we manage infection control and we have appointed a) member of staff whose job it is to safeguard standards of cleanliness across the hospital

Improve communication with patients and families

Our teams across the hospital are working together to make this a priority. We have introduced an extensive Patient Experience programme to listen to our patients and help us improve our communication with them. We are already hearing from our patients that things have improved.

Review the appointments system and the letters we send to you

We have overhauled the way we look at our appointments system and greatly improved the letters we send out to you to make sure they include better information and instructions on things to do when you get here

Review payments for car parking

We have compared our charges and we are reassured that they are broadly in line with other hospitals in Greater Manchester, however we will continue to review our charges on a regular basis

Improve staff training review or development

We have introduced a development programme for ward managers and other key staff which is now underway

Review services for people with disabilities

We are committed to providing services that reflect the needs of all our patients. For example we listened to the needs of our disabled visitors and provided additional hand rails to ensure greater safety and easier access to one part of our hospital.

Review menu choices and food standards

We have looked at our menus and we are assured that our food meets the required nutritional standards, and we will continue review the choices we give our patients on a regular basis

Increase staff on wards

The number of doctors and nurses we employ has increased considerably and we are working hard to permanently recruit to these key posts

Introduce seven day working

We believe the introduction to seven day working for all our departments is important for Tameside Hospital to help us improve the quality of care we provide to all our patients and our teams are working towards this goal in conjunction with our partners.

Improve communication with, and between, staff

We have established informal feedback sessions for junior doctors to talk with the Medical Director and, as Chief Executive, I have an open door policy where by all staff are welcome to chat through their queries and suggestions. I also regularly visit staff in their departments and hold a monthly open forum session for all staff to keep them informed, hear and share the progress we are making.

Introduce a ‘Matron type’ figure in charge of certain wards

We have appointed two new Matrons , one to head up our urgent and emergency care service and the other to look after the frail and elderly patients in our medicine division, they join our existing Matrons in other areas of the hospital

Improve handover/ discharge arrangements

We now have twice daily hand over arrangements between our staff in acute medicine. We have established a special improvement team with the Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioners to make sure that we continue to improve the way we discharge our patients 

Improve joint working with other greater Manchester hospitals

We have set up an employee exchange scheme with colleagues at Wythenshawe hospital. Doctors and nurses from both hospitals are already involved in this scheme which enables them to share their skills and experience for the benefit of patients.

Benchmark and apply best practice from other hospitals

Our ambition is to make Tameside Hospital one of the leading providers of high quality treatment and care in Greater Manchester. We are engaged with three other hospitals as part of the Southern Sector to share best practice, and our employee exchange scheme is just one way that helps us benchmark against the best that the medical services that the NHS has to offer.