Maternity Services at Tameside Praised
05 March 2014

Maternity services praised at Tameside


In a recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO), services at Tameside Hospital were praised for providing a very high level of care and supporting the best possible outcome for mothers.

The number of women at Tameside having third or fourth degree tears, injury and infection to the neonate, and the number of women having both elective and caesarean sections were much lower than the national average.
The caesarean section rate was 22% compared to the national average of 25%, instrumental delivery rates were 10% compared to the national average of 13% and more importantly, 68% of woman gave birth naturally compared to the national average of 62%.

Lesley Tones Head of Midwifery and Women’s Service said: “The reduction in injury, infection and the number of women having a caesarean section is a great indication that women who chose to have their child at Tameside Hospital are likely to have a good outcome in comparison to treatment elsewhere. 

“I am very pleased with the results from the National Audit Office. These results reflect the high level of care we are all committed to providing in the maternity department and the results are a testament to the effective team work, leadership and emphasis we place on ensuring expecting mothers and their families are always at the centre of the care we provide.”

One mother Iqra Hussain, 20, from Ashton-Under-Lyne, who gave birth to her first child last week (25 January) at Tameside said: “I’ve had fantastic support from all the staff here who have really made me feel at home and been so comforting to me being a new mum.

“Myself and the baby have really bonded with the staff here. It has been such a special occasion in my life to be a mother and I’m so pleased to have got the kind of support I have received from Tameside Hospital. I have always had a phobia about seeing blood but the support has been so amazing to help me cope through this.

“Ameera, my little baby was born on the 25 of Jan 2014 and ever since the staff have always been by my side caring and whenever I have had an emotional moment they have been there to pick me up and get me back to enjoy this whole new experience of being a mum.”