Nurses at Tameside Hospital have found a novel way to help reduce patient falls
30 January 2014

Nurses displaying slippers that have helped reduce falls within TGH

January 2014

Nurses at Tameside Hospital have found a novel way to help reduce patient falls.

Cozy slipper socks with grips are being handed to patients at the hospital and this has already helped the Trust to reduce falls by 14% in the last year.

Falls and nutrition specialist nurse, Lucy Hoyle said: “The slipper socks have been really effective. The grips allow patients to walk around the ward safely and confidently, which is great. We have already seen a significant reduction in falls since we started using them and patients really welcome the comforting design and wear ability of them.”

“At Tameside Hospital we are really committed to improving our work around falls prevention and consequently, we have already put into practice a number of evidence-based, patient centered approaches to reducing the risks associated with slips trips and falls.”

Falling is the leading cause of injury-related admissions to hospital in those over 65, and costs the NHS an estimated £2.3 billion per year.

As part of the strategy to improve the patient experience and reduce harm at Tameside Hospital, Lucy and her colleagues have implemented a training program for staff on an individual ward basis. The training involves staff understanding the requirement to assess thoroughly the ward environment and ensure a documentation bundle is completed for each patient. The use of the nursing documentation bundle may trigger a referral to additional therapy services, who have a further package of care to support the patients experience.

Lucy added: “Falls prevention is part of the induction process for all new nursing staff as well mandatory training for existing nursing staff and an e-learning package has been adopted to support the processes.”



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