Pledging for Change
20 November 2013

Tameside Hospital made more pledges for NHS Change Day 2013 than any other organisation in Greater Manchester and was in the top tier nationally.

In a short film publicising NHS Change Day 2014 which takes place on the 3rd March 2014, Helen Bevan said of Tameside Hospital: “Lots of hospitals made pledges for Change Day 2013 but within Greater Manchester Tameside made more pledges than any other hospital. I would really like to congratulate the staff for all the effort and energy that went into making care better for patients.”

In a message to Tameside staff she added: “I know when you are on the frontline of care and you make a big effort to change things, it often feels like you have made this big effort and nobody’s taking notice.

“As somebody at the centre of the national Change Day effort I want to reassure the frontline staff at Tameside Hospital  how important your work is and the extent to which other people are listening and wanting to learn from your experience.

“What we have learnt from you has been really important and nationally significant for learning for the next phase of change.”

In the short film, frontline staff and leaders from Tameside Hospital share the secret of their NHS Change Day success and talk about our plans for NHS Change Day 2014.

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